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Fort/Cass, MI Personal Injury Lawyers

A random act of carelessness or a criminal deed could cause you or a loved one to suffer a personal injury in the Fort/Cass area. Quick and effective action can mean the difference between a speedy recovery and constant struggles.

Part of your response often means getting the assistance of personal injury lawyers who can help you get the compensation you need to restore your health and means of living. Learn key points about how our Fort/Cass, MI, personal injury lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm can serve you.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fort/Cass, MI?

The Fort/Cass area is a hub of activity for professionals and people who have important matters to attend to. With various news outlets, government offices and the convention center nearby, there is always someone coming and going.

Continual movement makes accidents all the more probable at this spot. If you suffer a harmful incident from someone in Fort/Cass, reach out to our personal injury attorneys. We help those who work and live in the area to get justice in these cases.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Fort/Cass, MI, Personal Injury Lawyer?

You could fight your case on your own. However, getting the maximum amount of compensation requires that you have the know-how, time and energy for the insurance claims and legal processes.

Insurance companies will only offer payment for any current and future losses that you can clearly prove. If you don’t have strong enough documentation or testimony in your favor, they have no problem turning down or reducing your claim.

Our attorneys handle those aspects of your case and negotiate with the insurers for you. We’ll use our extensive resources to investigate and prove all possible sources of financial recovery. This allows you to focus on getting your life back to normal, confident that you’re getting a fair outcome with your claim.

What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claims?

Personal injury cases come in many varieties. The most common claims we encounter at our firm are automobile collisions and other road accidents involving bicycles, scooters and pedestrians.

However, we handle any type of negligence that results in personal injury. These could include:

The kinds of personal injury claims or lawsuits are practically endless. The key factor is if someone was behaving in an irresponsible manner and caused you or a loved one undue harm, you often have the right to bring a case against that person or file a claim with their insurance company.

Who Is at Fault in a Personal Injury Case?

Anyone who contributed to the incident that caused your injuries can bear responsibility for your losses and owe you damages. This could be a person, private organization or government entity.

The elements that make someone liable are:

  • The party had a duty of care toward you, in other words, a responsibility to act in a certain manner that prevented you from suffering harm.
  • A careless or wrongful action on that party’s part violated that duty of care.
  • The action directly led to your injuries, causing you to suffer losses.

Whenever you can prove these elements, you likely have a valid personal injury case.

Multiple parties can be responsible for a single injury, and understanding this is important because insurers and defense teams will be looking for anyone else to blame to reduce their side’s liability. With sufficient evidence, however, you can pursue compensation from all liable parties.

What Types of Losses Can a Personal Injury Claim Cover?

You can file a claim or sue for the following damages to get compensation in your personal injury case:

Medical Expenses

Whether you’ve already paid for care, are currently receiving treatments or expect to obtain more care in the future, the negligent party should pay for their portion of liability. This includes emergency room visits, overnight stays, diagnostics, surgeries, therapy and long-term care for disabilities.

While claims do not cover pre-existing conditions, you could get compensation if the incident made a condition worse. In these cases, you’ll need strong evidence to demonstrate how the accident aggravated your ailment, but we’ll help with that.

Lost Wages

The defendant should compensate for any income you lost if your injuries or the incident forced you to miss work. Any benefits, bonuses, tips and other earnings you sacrificed are also a part of this recovery. You can also request lost earning potential due to a long-term disability.

Psychological and Emotional Harm 

Physical pain, emotional distress and mental anguish are all recoverable in a personal injury case. If your injuries have caused you to have a diminished quality of life or less enjoyment, you can request compensation in the form of noneconomic damages.

Wrongful Death

If a loved one dies from negligence or a wrongful act, your family can file a wrongful death claim for the medical bills and lost income from that family member. You can also request compensation for that one’s pain and suffering, as well as your own.

Is It Possible for a Person Who Was Partially at Fault To Still Get Compensation?

The insurance company or court may have credible evidence that assigns a portion of the responsibility for an accident and injury to the claimant. Even if this is your situation, you may still be able to file a claim.

Michigan follows the modified comparative negligence standard for personal injury cases. This means that as long as a claimant’s actions do not exceed 50% of the liability for an injury-causing incident, that person can file a claim for damages.

As a result of the partial liability, the court or insurer will reduce compensation accordingly. Therefore, a case where the insurance company establishes you as having 15% of the responsibility for an accident means you could recover 85% of the total damages. In this instance, losses of $100,000 would yield $85,000 in recovery.

Obviously, the defense will try to assign most of the blame to you for an injury or at least some of it. Our Fort/Cass personal injury lawyers toil tirelessly to prevent the other side from putting unfair liability on you, thereby allowing you to get as much in damages as possible.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Last?

The claims process varies, depending on the insurance company and the facts of the case. In many circumstances, you can expect things to continue for at least a few months, but more complex cases require additional time.

With our team, you can bring a full set of resources to negotiations to help things move along efficiently. Count on us to take as much time as necessary to get the optimal outcome, but we’ll also never prolong the process. In fact, if the insurance company tries any unfair tactics to delay paying you in a timely manner, we’ll also sue them for bad faith and any damages you incur because of it.

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