What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

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Some of the worst crashes that occur in the U.S. involve motorcycles. The lack of external protection leaves riders vulnerable to severe and lasting injuries. A number of these accidents are caused by drivers who don’t take care to look out for riders around them. The outcomes are devastating as bikers get sideswiped, dragged under vehicles, and hit head-on in avoidable situations.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle crash because of another driver’s negligent actions, the team at Mike Morse Law Firm is ready to talk with you about your case. It can provide peace of mind after an accident, knowing you have someone on your side who understands how injuries affect your daily life. Personal injury cases are what we do, so you don’t have to handle this difficult matter alone.

What Are the Top Reasons Michigan Motorcycle Riders Are Injured by Other Drivers?


According to data from the Michigan State Police, Wayne, Kent, Macomb and Oakland counties had the most motorcycle accidents in 2020, with 160-plus crashes per county and many others throughout the state. Motorcycle accidents happen many different ways under many types of conditions, but these are four significant categories of rider injury causation:

  1. Merging and passing: Moving into another lane without checking carefully, pulling quickly into another lane, and merging carelessly are reasons drivers frequently sideswipe motorcyclists. Passing without adequate distance is a primary reason for head-on collisions.
  2. Aggressive driving: Aggressive driving is a big problem for bikers when vehicle operators follow too closely, try to edge riders out of lanes, or slam on brakes, forcing them to lose control and endangering them. Aggressive driving incidents are rising, putting bikers at greater risk of injury.
  3. Distracted driving: Engaging in other tasks while driving is a top reason car and truck drivers run into bikers. It can happen by being actively distracted using a mobile phone, adjusting car GPS or entertainment systems, eating and drinking, or by daydreaming or not focusing attention on the road.
  4. Impaired driving: Intoxicated driving is a prevalent problem on the nation’s highways that injures too many bikers. If a driver drinks or uses substances before driving, the outcome of an accident will most likely be catastrophic.

All of these are serious breaches of driving safety laws and can be used to prove liability on the part of a driver. It is essential to work with an attorney who knows which laws help establish the merits of your personal injury claim.

Why Do You Need an Attorney on Your Side?


Data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in 2019 revealed that 80% of drivers displayed road rage, aggression or anger while driving at least once within 30 days. This is a staggering statistic that demonstrates how unsafe roads can be for other drivers. As a biker, you are highly vulnerable to the actions of others. When you get hurt, having an attorney handle the issues related to your case is one of the most critical choices you can make. These are reasons to hire a lawyer soon after a crash happens.

Work With Insurance Companies


There is a stigma about motorcycle riders being unsafe behind the handlebars. Bikers are seen as unnecessary risk takers. Insurance companies may attempt to use this unfair characterization against you, trying hard to hold you liable for your injuries. It is in their interest to do so since injuries after a bad crash are often costly.

To put the pressure on, an insurance company will try to get you to settle right away. An initial offer for settlement is almost always far too low. Additionally, you don’t know the extent of your injuries until your doctor can fully assess your condition and what it means for your future. An experienced attorney won’t let you be taken advantage of or have your rights infringed upon for a quick resolution. It is essential to have time to review all the facts and make a proper demand for compensatory damages.

Direct Accident Investigation


Investigations of motorcycle accidents can be a challenging and time-consuming process. An attorney knows how to evaluate a police report and ask questions about the scene of the accident upon reviewing the available evidence. They may need to speak with witnesses and see whether more information about accident details is required.

In complicated cases, your lawyer works with an accident reconstruction specialist to discover precisely how the accident unfolded minute by minute and how it led to your specific injuries. You need a skilled legal professional to take the helm of an investigation. Getting a recovery can hang in the balance of having the correct information to make your case.

Confirm the Four Factors That Prove Liability Are Present


A personal injury lawsuit that involves a motorcycle rider is often a complex matter when it comes to determining legal responsibility. You may not know that four critical factors must be established in a personal injury lawsuit:

  1. Duty
  2. Breach
  3. Causation
  4. Damage

It is incumbent upon a plaintiff to show that the defendant owed them a duty of care and breached that duty due to negligent actions. The defendant’s actions must be the direct cause of the plaintiff’s injury, and there must be evidence of harm to the plaintiff. If these elements in a personal injury case can’t be met, there is no legal right to recovery. A practiced personal injury attorney knows right away if you have a case to pursue from years of handling these types of claims. A consultation lets you make an informed decision about pursuing a personal injury suit. Depending on your injuries, it may be the only way to recover for your losses.

Represent You in Court


Most personal injury cases do not make it to court. In the event you must have a trial, it is important to have an attorney who understands the courtroom setting and how to present a case effectively. Attorneys handling complex cases like these need to think on their feet and be knowledgeable in various legal areas.

Determine How Damages Apply to Your Case


When a careless driver hits your motorcycle, you may be eligible for a number of economic and non-economic damages. A personal injury attorney handles many of these cases and understands which types of damages apply given your circumstances and how to calculate a fair damage award that meets with the facts of your case.

A Michigan Motorcycle Accident Attorney Is Ready To Help


Mike Morse Law Firm is Michigan’s largest personal injury firm, with a record that speaks for itself. When a driver shows reckless disregard for your life, you need an attorney who knows how to handle your case’s critical aspects. We have many of the top injury lawyers in the state ready to work with you. Each attorney has a low caseload and a team to assist with your case, so you get the kind of representation you deserve.

We understand that suffering personal injuries in a motorcycle accident can lead to debilitating outcomes that change the course of your life. We want you to have the ability to move forward and regain your quality of life, and a damage recovery can help make that possible. We offer a free case evaluation to see where you stand. There are no fees unless we win for you. Contact us to get started.

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