What Lawyer Deals with Motorcycle Accidents?

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In 2020, there were 83,000 injuries from motorcycle accidents in the U.S. Sadly, victims struggling with devastating injuries and looming expenses may not know what to expect next. One thing for sure is insurance companies begin to call right away. They want you to settle because it’s in their best interest to wrap up a claim quickly. You should consult with a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligent actions.

Accident cases that involve serious injuries require legal training specific to personal injury law. Mike Morse Law Firm has years of experience and is a highly regarded personal injury law firm in Michigan. Your rights must be protected and your voice heard. Without an attorney handling your case, it is next to impossible to manage all the issues arising from an injury claim. Don’t lose your opportunity to recover damages when we are here and ready to help.

What Is a Personal Injury Lawyer?


Many people have watched commercials or seen billboards for personal injury lawyers but don’t know what this type of lawyer does. A personal injury lawyer is a person who provides legal services and counsel to individuals after accidents cause them physical or psychological injury. The scope of personal injury law is broad because of the many ways accidents occur.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?


Personal injury lawyers are a critical component of legal representation because injury claims are multifaceted and not something people can or should handle alone. These are ways attorneys assist clients involved in motorcycle accidents.

Provides a Case Evaluation


When another driver hits you, you may feel a lot of emotions and frustrations about the circumstances of the accident. It is easy to lose objectivity when you have so much at stake. An attorney provides an impartial assessment regarding the strength of your case. While you may believe that liability clearly rests with the defendant, a significant burden of proof is required in a personal injury case. An attorney will ask questions and review available evidence at your case evaluation. You will know whether your case meets the criteria for a personal injury lawsuit.

Investigates Your Case


Investigating an injury case is no small matter. Out of necessity, accident scenes are cleaned up quickly, so it takes a knowledgeable lawyer to parse through information and determine what happened. The smallest details can be critical to a case, especially regarding the timing or decision-making that led to a crash. If lawyers need assistance with investigations, they may enlist accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the scene precisely. An attorney has the legal and critical-thinking skills to bring the countless pieces of evidence together and get other professionals to weigh in when necessary.

Works To Get a Fair Settlement


As you might imagine, settlement negotiations are complex matters in personal injury cases. A defendant’s legal team will attempt all sorts of legal twists and turns to shift the responsibility for the accident to you. Any amount they can move the needle in your direction, in terms of liability, can be significant toward reducing a damage award. An attorney knows how to counter arguments the defense makes to ensure the facts of a claim are established correctly. A well-drawn case gives you substantive reasons for seeking a fair settlement.

How Does a Lawyer Help With Motorcycle Accidents?


The issues surrounding motorcycle accidents are varied and complicated. When another vehicle hits a biker, the outcome is often catastrophic. Property damage is extensive, especially to a motorcycle, and injuries can be incapacitating. Aside from the fundamental task of representing you, a lawyer must decide what damages apply in your case. This requires knowing many different areas of law that are used to support your damage claim.

There are two primary categories of damages: economic and non-economic. Economic damages are related to losses that have a monetary value. Non-economic damages allow you to recover for subjective losses that affect your quality of life.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer To Recover Non-Economic Damages?


A damage recovery in a personal injury case is intended to make a person “whole” because injuries affect so many aspects of a person’s well-being. Non-economic damages are crucial because they cover intangible losses, such as pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and enjoyment of life issues.

Making a case for non-economic damages takes deft legal skills. A Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer paints a vivid picture of you before and after the accident. If your life is altered forever by your injuries, it is important to show how you may not be able to reclaim everything you’ve lost but deserve fair compensation to make the best of the years ahead. An experienced attorney knows how to deliver this type of appeal in pre-trial negotiations or in front of a jury.

Why Is It Important To Have a Personal Injury Lawyer?


As much as having all the facts in order, a personal injury lawyer spends years learning to craft a compelling story. An essential part of a personal injury case is creating a persuasive narrative that speaks of you as a person and the losses you must endure because of another party’s actions. This is important so that people understand on a personal level what this accident means for your life both now and in the future.

How Long Do You Have To File a Lawsuit?


Michigan allows plaintiffs three years to file a personal injury lawsuit. While this rule gives you plenty of time to decide how to proceed after a motorcycle accident, the truth is that waiting until the last minute can be detrimental to your case. Time is a valuable resource in an injury case. You need to discover the severity of your injuries under a doctor’s care and how your future could be affected. Your attorney needs adequate time to conduct a thorough investigation and prepare your case for a potential trial. Having ample time for pre-trial negotiations is necessary, as most cases are settled before going to court.

Additionally, you don’t want to come close to running the clock out on the statute of limitations. Courts don’t look favorably on cases brought after the time limit has expired and will most assuredly dismiss the case. Exceptions are so specific that it’s unlikely you would qualify. This means you lose your right to recover damages. Given the devastating results of motorcycle injuries and the lasting health issues, this is the worst possible scenario. You don’t need to wait when you have Michigan’s largest personal injury firm ready to discuss your case immediately.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case Matters


At Mike Morse Law Firm, every client is important to us and is treated with care and kindness. We understand the toll an accident takes on your life because we’ve represented persons in similar situations. However, all accidents are unique, so we take time to understand your claim and provide counsel that speaks to your situation.

Our personal injury lawyers investigate, develop and present a solid case on your behalf. We know how it’s done, whether your case is settled in or outside a courtroom. We encourage you to get a free case evaluation. You will feel better knowing exactly where you stand and how to move forward. There are no fees unless we win for you. Contact us to start your case.

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