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Cross-Country Skiing- Why it is the Best Sport for Michigan Winters

Cross-Country Skiing- Why it is the Best Sport for Michigan Winters
Cross-Country Skiing- Why it is the Best Sport for Michigan WintersPhoto Credit from CrystalMountain.com

Michigan is full of activity throughout the year. Although many are wary of the winters, if they find an activity they love, even winters become very fun and enjoyable. The best activity for anyone to enjoy during any season is participating in a sport.

Sports in Michigan during the winters have a number of pros and cons. Although highly enjoyable, downhill skiing and snowboarding is very expensive. Snowshoeing and ice skating are highly dependent on the weather and the environment. And snowmobiling is not very practical since getting a snowmobile is very expensive. Can’t go snowmobiling without the mobile.

This is where cross-country skating comes in. Also known as Nordic skiing, cross-country skiing is a very old sport. It has been out of fashion for a while and can be awkward for new people, but it is by far the best sport to enjoy in the Michigan winters. It is fairly easy, very cheap, highly accessible, and most of all a lot of fun. Here’s why cross-country skating is the number sport for Michigan winters and should make a comeback:

It is Cheap

You do not need a lot of equipment for cross-country skiing. There is no need to pay for tickets or any need to go to a resort just to take part in the sport. All you need are a couple of skis, boots, and poles and you are good to go. It is essentially a free sport. After the investment at the beginning, you are free to ski wherever you please and can do so with whoever you want. Including your dog!

No machines are needed for this sport since it is just your hands and your legs working in conjunction to help you move forward.

It is Accessible

As the name suggests, cross-country skiing is indeed done anywhere across the country. You can do it anywhere you please as long as you have snow. No tickets are required and neither is there a need to stand in line waiting for your turn. Just pick up your skis and move forward across the countryside. It is that easy!

Furthermore, you do not need to be very athletic for cross-country skiing as you do for downhill skiing. This means that anyone can take part in it, while also having a great workout by doing it.

Appreciating Nature

In cross-country skiing, you are in the very thick of nature. It is just you with your skis traveling all along the snowy Michigan countryside. It is a great way to admire the great state and the beauty that it holds.

Since the only machine you might need in cross-country skiing is the snow itself, it brings you closer with nature. Being dependent on nature, instead of man-made machines, increases our appreciation for what exists inside our world that is not made by humans.

Go cross-country skiing in the winter to enjoy a great free workout, while getting close to nature.

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Cross-Country Skiing- Why it is the Best Sport for Michigan Winters

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