You’ve seen her with me in the commercials, at events, and during live TV appearances. My mom, Sue Morse, is a passionate supporter of our family and the law firm. Having her as a mom is by far my biggest “win.” In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s more about her – and a few family secrets.

Q: You’re more than just “the mom.” Tell us more about YOU!

Sue: I was born in New York and my family moved to Detroit when I was 6 years old. We lived in the 7 Mile and Livernois area. I attended Vandenberg Elementary School. I’m a graduate of Mumford High School and Wayne State University with a degree in library science.

I’ve been a financial planner for the last 32 years. I was always self-employed. When I got into financial planning, I worked with teachers and their pension plans for many years and I told stories at the dinner table about how hard teachers work and how they often reached into their own pockets for supplies. I think it rubbed off. I believe Mike’s comfort level and support for teachers started there and I’m proud to see the various ways he gives back to teachers and schools today.

Q: Any hobbies?

Sue: I’m a biker and a hiker; I love anything outdoors. I love to travel and spend time with my grandchildren.

Q: What’s the secret to raising a hardworking child?

Sue: I have always worked. Michael was always a worker, he worked as a waiter, he worked as a bus boy, he finished up his waitering career at Meriwether’s – he worked there while he was in law school. He has always liked to work. When he was a kid, he worked. He used to go downtown and sell Chipwiches in the park. It was just something he wanted to do. He just always really liked working. I can’t take credit for that.

Q: When did you know Mike had a winning future?

Sue: When Mike was little, around 8 years old, he went to work for the day with a friend whose family owns a drug store. At the end of the day, when we went to pick him up, the friend said Mike would grow up to be a brilliant businessman.

His dad, Joel, was an attorney. Mike used to go the office with his dad on Saturdays. He was so excited to go into practice with his dad. That was always the plan. When his dad passed away from a heart attack at the age of 49, it obviously changed everything. Mike had just started law school when it happened. But, it was always ingrained in him – he was going to be a lawyer and his desire to do that never wavered. From the time he was little, that was what he was going to do.

Q: You must be proud.

Sue: I’m very proud of him, of course. He’s resilient and he sees the big picture. He always knows exactly what he has to do to be successful and get the job done. The business doesn’t mean as much to me as how philanthropic he’s become – the backpacks, Bookstock, Teacher of the Week and the other things he does to give back to the community. He has a soft touch for anything with kids and that’s really what I admire the most.

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