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  • Father’s Day Interview: Mike’s Daughters Ask Him the Burning Questions You’ve Always Wondered!

Father’s Day Interview: Mike’s Daughters Ask Him the Burning Questions You’ve Always Wondered!

Father’s Day Interview: Mike’s Daughters Ask Him the Burning Questions You’ve Always Wondered!

He might be known for his award-winning commercials and for winning in general but apart from being a lawyer, Mike Morse’s greatest job is being a father to his three daughters. This week the Morse girls, Jillian, Ella, and Lexie, interview their #GirlDad to get the inside scoop on life lessons, bucket list items, and most importantly — fatherhood.

Ella: What are some of the fondest memories you have had with your dad? 

Mike: From as early as I can remember, I used to go down to my dad’s law office on Saturday mornings. He would take me for doughnuts at a place in the building and then we would go up to his office. I would play with his copy machine, punch holes in his papers, and he let me answer phones. It was our alone time, just him and me when my sister Emily wasn’t around. So those were special times, and I got to have donuts — and I like donuts!

Jillian: What are the top two items on your bucket list for 2021 and 2022? Are you going to write another book? 

Mike: I do really want to go to New Zealand, but I also have some business goals to accomplish. They’re just not all that interesting though. No, I’m not thinking about writing another book right now. Travel, as usual, is the main stuff on my bucket list. I’d love to do another adventure trip with you guys. We had a great time on that last one. Honestly, it’s mostly travel-related stuff. COVID has put a damper on that, of course, but I want to get back to Europe. I’d like to do a boat trip with my girls. I want to go sail somewhere cool like the Caribbean and dive off a boat, snorkel, fish, and do other fun stuff like that with you guys. My bucket list has anything to do with you guys. Isn’t that weird?

Lexie: Which of us gets on your nerves the most? You can’t say me either! 

Mike: The truth is, you guys don’t get on my nerves. We have issues and we talk about them, but you guys are all in such a good place in your lives that it feels pretty easy. Some of you have been easier than others throughout your lives (we will not go into that), but throughout all your lives, there have been different points that have been easier than others. I’m raising three daughters! There have been trials and things that happen. But for the most part, you guys are easy, and I can’t think of anybody getting on my nerves these days. You guys are so amazing!

Ella: What is a mistake or failure that has taught you the most in life? What’s a downfall that brought you back up? 

Mike: I’ve made lots of mistakes in my life. I tend to try to really, really learn from them. Many coming to my head mind right now are business-related things where I would take on too much stuff, or not say “no” as much as I should have because I like to say “yes” to people. But, I’m not able to deliver as well when I do that. I think early on in my career, putting too many eggs in one basket and relying on one person to send me most of my cases was probably a big one. That was probably my biggest mistake business-wise.

Lexie: What is your favorite tradition we have as a family?

Mike: I love what we do on birthdays. When we have birthdays, we honor each other — even if it’s not someone in our family — we honor that person on their birthday. We go around the table and we tell that person one or two things we love about them, and it turns into something pretty emotional. We’ve had some non-family members sobbing at the table because they’re not used to hearing such beautiful things about themselves. It’s really a meaningful tradition that we’ve been doing for many, many years.

Jillian: How would you feel if you had a son instead of three daughters? Do you think you’d be more prepared to raise a son? 

Mike: I’ve been asked the question, “Are you bummed that Lexie wasn’t a boy?” and the answer was no. I wasn’t bummed because the truth is I was thrilled to have you as a girl, Jillian, and then I was thrilled for Ella to be a girl. Then when we were having our third child, there was of course the question, “Oh, is it a boy?” and things like that. Would I have been equipped for a boy? No, I would not have been equipped. But I would have figured it out! I didn’t know how to raise a daughter either and I did an okay job. You guys are turning out pretty darn good! I would have been happy with a boy, and I was thrilled with a third girl. Three girls is unique. It’s special. And I love it. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Lexie: What’s the greatest thing you’ve learned from your dad?

Mike: The biggest thing I learned from my dad, Joel Morse. Good question! Let me think about that for a moment. I think I learned how to be a good dad, I hope! We used to play around and laugh a lot, so he taught me to be more playful. Of course, he taught me how to be a good lawyer, how to interact with clients, and how to treat people well. And just how to be a dad!

Ella: He taught you well — you’re the best dad in the world!

Want to hear more about Mike and his dad? Check out the video below!

Happy Father’s Day to Mike and all the amazing dads out there! Thank you for everything you do!