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Episode 16 - Attorney Jim Wendt and Mike Morse

James Wendt, a young and brilliant attorney here at the Mike Morse Law Firm, has been taking on and winning countless personal injury cases in the state of Michigan over the past several years. In the latest episode of Open Mike, James and Mike reveal what to do immediately following an accident, how to maximize...

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Episode 15 - Zach Sweers (AKA "Anxiety War")

Zach Sweers, also known as "Anxiety War," has garnered over 640k subscribers and millions of views on YouTube with his vigilante-style predator busts. Zach made headlines in 2019 when Michigan prosecutors along with the state attorney general warned him to stop performing these busts for reasons of his own safety. In this episode of Open...

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Episode 12 - A Chat With Mike's Mom!

Susan Morse is a veteran financial planner, long-time Detroit resident, and of course, Mike's mom! In her second episode of Open Mike, Sue remembers the early days of her career and the worst job she every took, how she became a financial planner, and she gives expert financial advice to recent college grads!

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Episode 10 - Ira Todd's Mission To Free The Wrongfully Convicted

Detroit native Ira Lee Todd is a former police officer and criminal investigator. After being wrongfully charged with murder while working in a gang-related crimes task force within the Detroit Police Department, Ira made it his personal mission to help free the wrongly-convicted. One of his most notable cases was that of Davontae Sanford, who...

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Episode 11 - Michigan Humane Society CEO Matthew Pepper

Matthew Pepper is the CEO of the Michigan Humane Society, Michigan's largest and premier animal welfare organization. In his discussion with Mike, Matt discusses how he began his mission of helping animals, the amazing work the Michigan Humane Society is doing, current animal welfare laws, and how people can make a difference by donating, volunteering,...

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Episode 7 - Adolph Mongo Talks Detroit Politics

Adolph Mongo is a Detroit-based radio host and political advisor who’s worked with and consulted countless Detroit political and legal figures. He’s worked alongside individuals such as Coleman Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, and six different Michigan court of appeals judges. In 2015, he was involved in a controversial traffic stop in which he claims Detroit police...

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