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Episode 7 – Adolph Mongo Talks Detroit Politics

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Episode 7 – Adolph Mongo Talks Detroit Politics

Episode 7 - Adolph Mongo Talks Detroit Politics

Adolph Mongo is a Detroit-based radio host and political advisor who’s worked with and consulted countless Detroit political and legal figures. He’s worked alongside individuals such as Coleman Young, Kwame Kilpatrick, and six different Michigan court of appeals judges. 

In 2015, he was involved in a controversial traffic stop in which he claims Detroit police mistreated him. In this episode of OpenMike, he and Mike go back decades and discuss the early days of Detroit, race in America, and the intricacies of the legal system and how citizens can best protect themselves legally.

Show Notes

[0:32] Introducing today’s guest, Adolph Mongo

[0:55] How did you get involved with Detroit Mayor Coleman Young?

[2:31] How did you get hired by Coleman Young?

[4:37] What was Mayor Young like as a person?

[5:55] Were you around for when Bill Bonds challenged Mayor Young to a fistfight?

[6:57] Did you think people took it the wrong way when Young told criminals to “hit 8-mile”?

[7:36] Did you work for Kwame Kilpatrick?

[10:21] Tell us about the ad you came up with

[13:11] A picture of Adolph as a young man

[13:44] Why do you think this ad was so important in winning Kwame a second term?

[14:49] What went wrong with Kwame?

[16:36] Kwame Kilpatrick must regret not listening to you

[17:13] Do you have any relationship to Mayor Duggan?

[18:54] Can you talk about when Duggan was losing the race for prosecutor?

[19:37] The magic commercial that helped Duggan

[19:59] Are you still friendly with the mayor?

[20:20] Let’s talk about what’s going on with Mayor Duggan

[23:51] How does city council affect this? 

[24:53] What do Detroiters think about Mayor Duggan?

[26:32] Kwame made amends but Mayor Duggan refuses to

[27:47] Do you think Mayor Duggan is going to turn it around and listen to city council?

[29:02] Who deserves credit for Detroit being back on the rise?

[31:46] The Red Wings almost moved to Auburn Hills

[32:14] Are you a fan of people like Dan Gilbert?

[33:25] There is still a lot of underdeveloped area of Detroit?

[34:18] What do you think of Kid Rock?

[35:42] Do you take credit for starting the protest against Kid Rock

[37:38] Is Dixie music racist?

[38:54] What is your take on the Founder’s Beer lawsuit?

[42:58] Apologies mean legally admitting guilt

[44:40] Thanks for watching this episode of Open Mike!