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  • Episode 6 – Dr. Joel Kahn’s Top Tips for Living your Healthiest Life

Episode 6 – Dr. Joel Kahn’s Top Tips for Living your Healthiest Life

Episode 6 – Dr. Joel Kahn’s Top Tips for Living your Healthiest Life

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[0:33] Introducing today’s guest, Dr. Joel Kahn

[1:00] Welcome to Open Mike, with Kevin Dietz and my personal cardiologist, Dr. Kahn. We’re talking about everything health-related — what exercise you should be doing, what you should be eating.

[2:46] Since Mike has been working with Dr. Kahn, all of his numbers have been improving.

[4:12] You like to talk about studies and epidemiology… you’re not saying anything that controversial. So, why do people argue with you about your diets?

[4:51] It’s the most exciting time in human history to be a physician; there have been incredible, recent advancements in medicine.

[5:00] Dr. Kahn’s educational background and how he got into practicing medicine.

[9:41] Dr. Kahn was doing traditional cardio-medicine until he opened up his integrative, cardiology practice, which is kind of a concierge service. They don’t accept insurance and charge patients a considerable, but not excessive, fee for a detailed consultation and come up with a course of cardiac treatment. It’s known as a functional medicine root cause.

[10:48] Mike had never had someone take a comprehensive history before seeing Dr. Kahn.

[13:32] Why are there only 10 doctors like you in the country?

[14:01] Dr. Kahn was recently on a movie set with Joaquin Phoenix, teaching him how to “walk and talk” like a doctor.

[14:58] There are so many different diets out there… what’s the best diet on the market right now?

[16:33] Quinoa should be the only food ingredient that’s hard to spell. Meaning, stick to clean, natural foods without tons of chemicals and preservatives in them.

[17:28] For the people, who are listening, you will also treat people who eat meat, although you may try to convince them otherwise. What do you think of the Keto diet?

[19:04] There is more “religion” backing the Keto diet than there is science. The science backing it actually correlates to a study of diet changes in helping treat children with epilepsy.

[19:18] How is Keto different from the Atkins diet? What is Ketosis?

[21:36] Is the takeaway that Keto is good in the short-term, but not great in the long-term?

[23:43] I have a lot of friends who are hesitant to visit doctors. When was the last time you went to a doctor?

[25:10] If Kevin came in to see you, what would you do for him?

[27:32] Check out Dr. Kahn’s book, Dead Execs Don’t Get Bonuses

[28:47] Do people with great heredity and genes come in experiencing problems?

[30:47] I know you love Valter Longo and his book The Longevity Diet. What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?

[32:30] Every home, office, and public space should be equipped with a water filtration system.

[36:27] Late night eating is a big problem that can age you, promote diabetes, brain aging, etc.

[36:46] Is intermittent fasting about losing weight or heart health?

[38:05] Is there any healthy fast food?

[38:58] Taco Bell is pretty friendly for plant-based options.

[40:20] Dr. Kahn imparts some recommendations for eating vegan at home, which can be challenging if you’re unaccustomed to vegan cooking.

[41:18] Does your diet have an impact on depression?

[41:56] Is soy good for you?

[45:12] I’m going to bounce around a little bit. You and I talk a lot about exercise. What’s the best exercise program out there right now? How many minutes per week should you have your heart rate over 82-83%?

[48:19] Should you take blood pressure medicine in the morning or evening?

[50:00] Mike discusses his former cardiologist and how his recommendations differ from Dr. Kahn’s.

[51:58] What is your opinion on Statins?

[54:24] What is the healthiest oil out there these days?

[55:42] Canola oil is actually good for high-temperature cooking because it contains Omega-3s. Avocado and Coconut oil which are popularly used, don’t contain them.

[56:07] Can you talk about Bernie Sanders’ heart attack?

[56:28] If you want to learn more about CT scans, check out The Widowmaker on Netflix.

[58:26] Dr. Kahn, thank you for coming on the show. I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t seen a doctor in many years to contact you. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure.  

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