“The baddest of the bad boys,” Rick Mahorn needs no introduction in the Detroit community. He was instrumental in the 1989 Detroit Pistons National Championship. Since his retirement from basketball, he has become a figure in the Detroit community and has stuck around to raise his children in a city that has become his home.

Kevin and Mike talk to Rick on this episode about his basketball career, the national championship, and discuss the state of the NBA today. Rick also shares his thoughts on the current protests and the death of George Floyd. Listen to hear an important community leader share his experiences with racism and speak from the heart about a tough issue.

Show Notes

[0:19] Introducing today’s guest, Rick Mahorn.

[2:44] Sound problems fixed

[3:00] Mike reminisces about watching the Bad Boys

[3:52] “Do you enjoy what you do?”

[4:55] I don’t think a fanbase could love a team more

[5:25] Rick talks about losing their first championship

[6:17] Basketball looks so different now

[8:04] It almost looked like hockey fights

[9:14] Do players care as much about the game these days?

[12:05] Who were some of the people the Bad Boys didn’t get along with?

[13:57] Do you still talk to the guys from back in the day?

[14:34] What do you think about the money in the game today?

[16:04] Did you guys consciously get technical fouls?

[17:45] Where would you rank Chuck Daly as a coach?

[19:05] Chuck Daly did allow breaks

[20:27] Is Michael Jordan the GOAT?

[21:54] How will the Pistons fare without Drummond?

[23:04] Why don’t teams grow as naturally anymore?

[24:18] How do you feel calling the games on the radio?

[25:18] What was it like coaching in the WNBA?

[26:59] What advice would you give for someone like Emoni Bates, the next big player?

[29:07] Do you follow the big baller brand?

[29:54] What is your take on recent events?

[31:53] What do you tell your kids to keep them safe and positive?

[33:46] It does feel like anything is getting done

[36:09] Diversity in the police force

[37:02] The NBA gets more psych evaluations than the police

[38:24] Hopefully real change will happen

[40:03] What are your opinions on the Detroit Police Department and Chief Craig?

[41:18] Rick’s Dog Chance makes a cameo and Ryan asks about a T-shirt

[42:28] Why did you decide to raise your family in Detroit?

[43:33] Thank you for coming on the show

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