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  • Episode 39 – Former NFL Star Survives COVID-19 & Meets Trump / Whitmer

Episode 39 – Former NFL Star Survives COVID-19 & Meets Trump / Whitmer

Episode 39 – Former NFL Star Survives COVID-19 & Meets Trump / Whitmer

Today we were joined by Mark Campbell a former tight end for the University of Michigan. After playing ten years in the NFL, Mark went into healthcare and is now CEO with Medkinect, a medical testing and supplies company. Mike and Kevin discuss Marks very recent trip to the White House, his battle against COVID-19, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s strategy in locking down parts of the economy. #COVID-19 #Coronavirus #TestKits

Show Notes

[00:33] Introducing today’s guest, Mark Campbell

[01:39] How did you know you had coronavirus? What were the symptoms?

[02:30] “My temperature was 102.6”

[2:50] The testing center would not test him and instead told him to go home and quarantine

[03:11] “I had the worst version of it”

[03:43] “All of these numbers we are studying are off!”

[04:00] The numbers of cases aren’t even close to the truth according to Mark

[05:11] Mark was sick for 17 days total and the worst symptom was the pneumonia and breathing issues

[06:03] “I couldn’t get the oxygen I was looking for”

[06:44] Mark describes telling his wife and kids he loved them because he didn’t know if he’d ever see them again

[07:42] Mark is in good shape and a former NFL player, he never thought he would get COVID 19

[09:49] “You can’t get direct answers as a patient” and “that’s hard”

[11:05] Mark’s small business that usually makes other medical equipment is running COVID testing

[11:37] The volume and distance from big labs make results hard to obtain quickly

[12:27] Mark was discharged the day he got my results

[13:14] Mark outlines the different tests available for COVID 19

[14:07] According to Mark, there are about 70 new types of tests being developed

[14:53] Why are tests not more accessible to the general public?

[16:19] Did you take hydroxychloroquine? Does hydroxychloroquine help people with coronavirus?

[17:25] At what point in your treatment did you take hydroxychloroquine?

[18:15] Why Mark didn’t want to go on the ventilator and tried everything to avoid that

[19:00] “Within 8-12 hours, I started to feel better”

[19:30] Kevin talks about the controversy in Michigan regarding hydroxychloroquine

[20:20] President Trump’s office contacting Mark after CNN interview

[21:30] Mark’s invitation to the White House to talk about his experience with the coronavirus

[21:50] Talks about his experience flying commercially, “There were three people on my plane”

[22:15] Mark describes schedule changes and the DC whirlwind experience

[24:00] Mark passed through three security check and had to go to the medical office before entering the White House

[25:05] How Mark met Andrew Giuliani and got connected to this opportunity

[25:50] Vice President Mike Pence and his discussion with survivors of coronavirus

[26:36] Mark’s media interviews with Vice President Pence

[27:00] Mark got to enter the Oval Office and talk alone for about 10 minutes with President Trump. They discussed Mark’s illness, hydroxychloroquine, testing, and sports.

[27:47] No one shook hands with the President, but they did take pictures

[28:40] “Behind closed doors, you get a different guy”

[29:40] Why do you think he wanted you there? What was the purpose of the visit?

[30:30] It was Vice President Pence’s program to show that some people have gotten over the virus and share stories of hope

[33:13] “No matter what you think about President Trump, he’s taking a lot of heat”

[33:50] Mark’s experience was right in the middle of when Whitmer had the controversy with the hydroxychloroquine

[34:54] “It’s confusing messaging for the public”

[35:56] Why is there conflict between White House advisors and President Trump on their recommendations of hydroxychloroquine?

[37:08] Politicians, money, and corruption in the system

[38:08] Mark’s thoughts on insurance companies with his small businesses and with his experience with COVID 19

[41:00] Mike talks auto insurance and criticizes All state and State Farm’s response to the pandemic

 [43:06] “We’re looking for the loopholes, but the insurance companies are smart”

[43:56] The insurance companies should be helping the communities because they have the money to do so

[45:00] Insurance companies want to wait as long as possible to settle because they compound interest every day that they keep the money

[46:00] Think about garaging your cars that you don’t use

[48:30] Mark’s going to talk to Governor Whitmer about testing

[49:40] What’s your opinion about people who had it and if they can get it again? Mark talks about Dr. Fauci’s answers

[51:38] What about the people who are carriers?

[54:10] Mark critiques Whitmer’s orders but does see some of it that makes sense

[57:10] A lot of things she is doing doesn’t make sense to people

[58:15] Mark talks about how kindness gets lost in politics

[58:30] Closing remarks

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