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Episode 37 – Coronavirus Updates with Detroit Police Chief James Craig

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Episode 37 – Coronavirus Updates with Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Episode 37 - Coronavirus Updates with Detroit Police Chief James Craig

Mike and Kevin Dietz were recently joined by Detroit Chief of Police James Craig to get updates on his recent COVID-19 diagnosis as well as what the Detroit Police Department is doing to protect their officers and the Detroit community. Chief Craig shares what the DPD did early on to make sure there was no disruption in service, particularly with their communication center that handles emergency calls. He also talks about Detroit’s crime rate since the Stay-at-Home order was put in place, and the morale of his staff with over 400 officers being quarantined for possible coronavirus.

Thank you to Chief Craig for this exclusive interview and for helping to keep Detroiters informed with the latest information!

Show Notes

[00:32] Introducing today’s guest, Chief James Craig

[01:22] Chief Craig talks about how he originally thought his COVID 19 illness was seasonal allergies

[01:45] Chief Craig describes his symptoms and the onset of COVID 19

[02:25] Chief Craig says he feels like he’s at 85% capacity now

[03:30] The police force originally took an aggressive plan to quarantine exposed officers/citizens

[05:15] Rapid testing has changed their protocols 

[05:37] While there was an impact, there was no service disruption in the police department

[05:51] “We anticipated the worst!”

[07:08] 911 calls and the passing of call taker influencing the shutdown of call center

[07:30] Because there was a backup plan, there was no disruption to calls

[08:30] Anticipating the impact of quarantine on the department

[10:00] “We maintained the capacity to respond to every call”

[10:26] Chief Craig talks about support staff in 8th and 9th districts and communications department

[10:55] Mike asks about crime in Detroit during the pandemic

[13:25] Kevin asks about homicide statistics and how they compare to last year

[14:28] “Violence associated with narcotics” and why crime and the black market continue even with the legalization of marijuana

[16:10] How do you think a curfew would affect crime rates?

[16:46] “Generally speaking, people are complying”

[17:55] “The department is doing their job and I believe it’s having an effect on compliance”

[19:05] Chief talks about the increase on gun sales during the pandemic

[20:19] How’s the morale of the officers and do they have the right equipment?

[21:21] “We’ve been fortunate the have the PPE, to have the masks…”

[22:15] Chief talks about face covering shields 

[23:30] Chief states that many of their officers that were quarantined now are returning to work

[24:30] Because of rapid testing, we may see an initial increase in cases of the coronavirus in the department 

[25:00] Chief states that the department currently has twelve members of the force at the hospital

[26:20] 54 people in Detroit died today from the coronavirus

[27:00] “This disease does not discriminate”

[28:18] “There’s a lot we just don’t have answers to”

[30:15] “We use a lot of what we learn from other big cities”

[32:03] Mutual aid has not happened yet, but Detroit has the connections to do so

[35:50] Thank you to frontline workers!

[38:03] Chief discusses how he felt when he was told he was COVID 19 positive

[39:49] “At the end of the day, people are counting on us”

[41:18] “We’re Americans and we’re all in this together”

[41:25] Closing Remarks