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Episode 33 – Coronavirus Update with Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

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Episode 33 – Coronavirus Update with Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

Episode 33 - Coronavirus Update with Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper

Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper recently sat down with Mike and Kevin Dietz to share how the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office is responding to the Coronavirus panic. Jessica also addresses many of the current myths surrounding the Coronavirus and the legal system such as prisoners being released and a potential “shutdown” of the corrections system altogether. She also discusses the many online Coronavirus scams that are currently circulating and how to avoid them!

Show Notes

[00:48] Introducing today’s guest Jessica Cooper

[01:39] This is a very busy time trying to keep the Oakland County courts running 

[01:58] The Governor’s orders are critical to what happens in the courtrooms

[02:10] Ten people or less in funeral home to say their quick goodbyes

[02:30] Oakland County courts are not judiciary but are part of law enforcement

[02:56] Justice needs to prevail during pandemic

[03:23] The Supreme Court has mandated there be teleconferencing capabilities

[03:40] Court dates must be complied and criminal and felony preliminary hearings must be in person 

[04:12] Oakland County courts are essential

[04:50] How are probation violations being handled?

[06:17] Motions will be handled through teleconferencing

[07:24] Can social distancing happen in court?

[09:12] Will there be a change in the legal profession going forward?

[10:24] How is the fact that police officers are testing positive for Coronavirus affecting the court system?

[11:35] There must be hearings to help children get out of negative home environments

[12:37] “Why do preliminary exams need to be done in person?”

[15:28] How will police handle and enforce Governor Whitmer’s order?

[18:23] Concerns about Coronavirus and jailed inmates

[19:51] “Does Oakland County have any plans to do anything similar to what Prosecutor Worthy is doing in the conviction integrity unit?”

[21:59] Releasing a prisoner is up to the judge who put them under sentence

[24:16] “Have they been letting people out of jail?”

[25:30] “Are you worried about the system just crushing under the weight when the courts open again?”

[27:20] When a crisis happens, the worst people in society use it as an opportunity to same people

[28:15] “What specific crimes have you seen that people need to look out for” 

[31:55] The grandparent scan is something eldering people are susceptible to

[34:24] Addressing the rumors that Macomb County Prosecutor, Eric Smith, is about to get arrested

[36:39] “Has your campaign needed to take a backseat to all of this?”

[38:41] Chief Judge Kumar is running Oakland County smoothly and is getting the message out

[39:30] Best place for people to get information

[41:56] Leaving homes for a non-essential reason is a misdemeanor 

[43:03] Concluding remarks