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Episode 26 – Michigan’s Marijuana Laws Explained with Michael Komorn

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Episode 26 – Michigan’s Marijuana Laws Explained with Michael Komorn

Episode 26 - Michigan's Marijuana Laws Explained with Michael Komorn

Michael Komorn is a veteran criminal defense and cannabis law attorney and podcaster who’s been on the forefront of the marijuana legalization effort in the United States for years, representing cannabis patients, caregivers, physicians and business owners both in and out of the courtroom. He’s supported many landmark pieces of cannabis legislation in Michigan including the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act (MMMA), the Michigan Marijuana Facilities Act (MMFLA), and the Adult Recreational Use Act (MRTMA).

In this episode of Open Mike, Michael digs deep into current marijuana laws in Michigan and the current effort to federally legalize marijuana for recreational use in the United States. He and his guest, cannabis activist Richard Clement, reveal why marijuana was originally made illegal in the United States, and the current efforts being made to federally legalize cannabis for recreational use.

Show Notes

[0:08] Introducing today’s guest, Michael Komorn and Richard Clement

[1:22] Michael’s background

[3:16] Have you seen a decrease in cases?

[3:54] Richard’s background

[6:16] The recent legal history of marijuana and medical marijuana

[10:41] Were dispensaries legal?

[11:58] Different counties having different enforcement

[12:50] Michigan’s 2018 recreational marijuana law

[15:07] Were they letting caregivers sell their excess in 2018 because there was a shortage of medical marijuana?

[16:44] Comparisons to Colorado and state vs federal law

[19:52] Richard dives into the Danny Trevino case 

[23:45] Medical Marijuana cards have no picture on them and it took Richard 120 days to get his

[24:39] What was Danny charged with?

[26:46] These laws are very confusing and contradictory

[29:53] If someone follows every Michigan law, are they still vulnerable to federal action?

[32:25] Is there a way to guarantee a dispensary won’t get federally charged?

[35:19] Most people don’t know why marijuana was made illegal in the first place?

[38:42] What are the odds that the federal government will legalize marijuana?

[41:45] What’s going on with opting in or out? 

[45:38] How could cities be forced to opt in?

[47:09] Michael explains the economic implications of having many new dispensaries open

[50:02] Richard talks about different hemp products

[50:43] Are marijuana delivery apps legal?

[56:25] What upcoming elections should people be aware of?

[57:37] What do you think of Trump potentially pardoning Kwame Kilpatrick?

[59:59] Kevin actually sat in on the Kwame Kilpatrick trial

[1:02:00] Is Trump just doing this for votes?

[1:04:02] Is a pardon ever justified?

[1:05:14] Plea deals and Kwame Kilpatrick

[1:06:26] Adolph Mongo previously told Mike that Kym Worthy advised Kwame to resign

[1:07:27] Michael explains the Earl Carruthers marijuana brownies case 

[1:15:29] Check out Michael Komorn’s podcast Planet Green Trees on Wednesday nights

[1:16:24] Check out Richard Clement’s blog Free the Weed USA  

[1:19:21] Michael talks about how he met Richard at a rally

[1:21:37] Thank you for joining us on the Open Mike Podcast