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Episode 25 – Detroit News Personality Charlie Langton

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Episode 25 – Detroit News Personality Charlie Langton

Episode 25 – Detroit News Personality Charlie Langton

Charlie Langton is a lawyer and one of Detroit’s favorite media personalities, appearing on FOX 2 WJBK and WWJ Newsradio 950.

In this episode of Open Mike, Charlie shares why he got into the media biz after a 20-year career as a practicing lawyer, how Kwame Kilpatrick played a role in this career transition, and his take on Kwame’s sentence and the likelihood of him getting pardoned. Charlie also remembers back to when he first met Mike and the impact that had on him as well as law firms across the state.

Show Notes

[0:05] Introducing today’s guest, Charlie Langton

[0:24] Charlie explains his crazy schedule

[2:18] Do you love what you do? How long have you been doing News?

[4:31] So the Kwame Kilpatrick case got you started?

[6:26] Do you think that what people see on TV is how you are off-camera as well?

[7:48] How many stories do you do in a 5-hour period?

[8:59] Where did you go to law school? When did you graduate?

[11:24] So you practiced for 20 years before going to Specs Howard?

[12:08] “If it wasn’t for Kwame, I wouldn’t be around”

[12:58] Did you ever interview him?

[14:13] What did you think of Kwame’s sentence?

[16:11] Do you think that Kwame will get pardoned or have his sentence reduced?

[17:58] Would Trump lose any votes if he commuted Kwame’s sentence? 

[19:10] Do you think Mayor Duggan is doing a good job in Detroit?

[21:17] Is the growth in Detroit spreading through the city?

[23:31] What is your take on Mayor Duggan being less in the press recently?

[25:09] Do you think he was treated fairly during his divorce and alleged affair?

[26:43] Why does everyone bring up the rape allegations against Kobe Bryant when they mention his death?

[33:16] Why does Fox Detroit not have the same conservative slant as other Fox stations?

[36:25] When did we first meet?

[39:38] Have either of you seen any of the Best Picture nominees for this year?

[42:30] The Macomb County Corruption

[44:05] Thank you for listening to this episode of the Open Mike podcast!