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Episode 24 – Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty

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Episode 24 – Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty

Episode 24 - Stanley Cup Champion Darren McCarty

Darren McCarty is a four-time Stanley Cup Champion with the Detroit Red Wings. During his time in the NHL, McCarty became known for his now legendary hockey fights, earning the unofficial title of “Enforcer”.

In his conversation with Mike, Darren discusses his legendary fight with Claude Lemieux, what it was like winning four Stanley Cups, his battle with addiction, and how cannabis has helped turn his life around.

Show Notes

[0:01] Introducing today’s guest Darren McCarty

[1:07] Going through Darren’s famous March 1997 fight

[4:58] “This is what Detroit’s all about”

[7:49] What do you think about all the players coming to out to speak about Babcock?

[10:02] Do you think that your March 1997 fight was a turning point for the Red Wings?  

[11:08] Did you know the fight was coming?

[13:20] What did you say to Lemieux before the second fight in November?

[15:48] Are you still best friends with Draper?

[16:26] How many years away are the Red Wings from a winning season?

[17:37] Steve Yzerman is back as General Manager

[18:29] Chris Ilitch and Steve Yzerman’s brotherly relationship

[19:13] Do you still go to the games?

[19:50] Do you think that Hockey is a safer game today?

[21:33] Do players play safer to make more money?

[23:33] Would you have played for free?

[24:05] What did you do after you left the Red Wings?

[24:56] In your last years were you playing more for money or for the love of the game?

[27:28] Do the players take the Stanley Cup home with them?

[29:27] Were you drinking during the years you didn’t win?

[31:26] The Cup itself has been through a lot

[32:51] Tell us about your relationship with Vladimir Konstantinov.

[36:24] Do he live in Michigan now?

[36:47] Darren recommends The Russian Five movie

[37:36] Are you still singing for your band The Grinder?

[40:20] What is Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)?

[44:38] Did RSO get rid of your physical addiction to alcohol?

[46:07] How long has this oil been around? Do you still use it?

[47:01] Would you recommend RSO to people trying to quit alcohol?

[49:50] Is this medicinal?

[51:33] What is your cannabis brand called?

[53:55] It can help elderly people with pain and sleep problems, why don’t they use it?

[55:07] What’s the protocol for administering RSO to a recovering alcoholic?

[58:29] Will you have any product ready for Hash Bash?

[59:39] What brand do you recommend until yours come out?

[1:02:00] How much do you smoke each day?

[1:04:48] Do you feel healthier now?

[1:06:04] Check out Darren’s podcast here

[1:08:45] Text 833-898-6453 and mention the Darren McCarty photos to be entered to win one

[1:10:24] Thank you for watching this episode of Open Mike