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Episode 22 – Decades of Detroit Controversy Explored with Sharon McPhail

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Episode 22 – Decades of Detroit Controversy Explored with Sharon McPhail

Episode 22 - Decades of Detroit Controversy Explored with Sharon McPhail

Sharon McPhail served as a member of the Detroit City Council from from 2002-2006, serving as chief council for the city of Detroit. She has also served as President of the National Bar Association as well as Vice President of the Detroit Branch of the NAACP.

She recently sat down with Mike to explore the many controversies that took place in Detroit during her time on City Council, and to give insight into the investigation, arrest, and conviction of former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Show Notes

[0:06] Introducing today’s guest, Sharon McPhail

[0:50] Where did you go to law school?

[1:36] How did you end up in Detroit?

[3:04] Did you choose to leave the US Attorney’s office to go into private practice?

[3:42] How did you get into politics?

[6:31] What happened between 1993 and 2005 in your career?

[7:34] Why was being on city council such a bad experience?

[9:09] Who was the mayor during your term?

[9:58] Why did you run for mayor in 2005?

[10:53] Why weren’t people liking Kwame Kilpatrick before the 2005 election?

[12:27] What he a good mayor in his first term?

[14:19] Do you think you helped Kwame get his second term?

[18:29] Where is Freeman Hendricks these days?

[18:46] How soon after Kwame got elected were you appointed general counsel?

[20:06] Did Kym Worthy offer to let Kwame get away with his crimes if he resigned?

[21:32] Is lying under oath grounds to remove a mayor?

[23:25] The Gary Brown case was the beginning of it all

[24:36] Would you have told Kwame to resign and take Kym Worthy’s offer?

[25:08] Who was his main consigliere at the time?

[25:32] What do you think about the possibility of the president pardoning Kwame?

[27:11] What was the best offer that Kwame turned down?

[28:11] He got a much longer sentencing than other politicians who did similar things because of the conspiracy charge

[29:15] Was there a party at the Manoogian Mansion?

[29:53] The plan to get him out of office stemmed from executive order 2007-1

[31:10] Do you think he has been behind bars too long or long enough? Are you in contact with Kwame?

[32:23] Can you explain the 2003 electric shock allegation?

[37:15] How do you think Mike Duggan is doing as mayor?

[38:46] How could another bankruptcy benefit Duggan?

[40:40] What did you do with the Detroit charter schools?

[50:12] Why wouldn’t the administrators stand up the reporter?

[52:45] How is the school doing now?

[53:30] Thanks for watching this episode of Open Mike!