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Episode 21 – Steve Dolunt on Investigating Kwame Kilpatrick

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Episode 21 – Steve Dolunt on Investigating Kwame Kilpatrick

Episode 21 - Steve Dolunt on Investigating Kwame Kilpatrick

Steve Dolunt is a former Assistant Chief in the Detroit Police Department who served in the department for years before being transferred to Internal Affairs. Once he began working in this department, he was one of the first members of the Detroit Police Department to view the memos related to Kwame Kilpatrick’s illegal activities.

In this episode of Open Mike, Steve discusses his investigation into the now infamous former Mayor of Detroit, and gives insight into the investigation he hasn’t shared until now.

Show Notes

[0:06] Introducing today’s guest, Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt

[0:44] How did you get involved in the Kwame Kilpatrick investigation?

[7:32] How many years were you an officer before you got transferred to internal affairs?

[8:10] Why were you transferred to Internal Affairs?

[8:53] Did you believe the allegations about Michael Martin or the Manoogian Mansion party more?

[10:07] Steve got transferred twice after bringing these allegations to light

[12:47] Do you think there was a party? How is it possible that this is still unconfirmed?

[14:31] What happened to the officers who misused the car?

[16:42] Steve considered suing for mental distress

[17:46] Why didn’t they fire you like they did Gary Brown?

[18:59] How do you safely investigate your superiors?

[20:49] Is there more police chief turnover in Detroit than most cities?

[21:53] What was it like to be out on the streets of Detroit?

[24:52] What is the hog story?

[27:58] Can you explain what went wrong with Sergeant Kidd and the death of Officer McClain?

[31:09] How do they know Sergeant Kidd didn’t go in?

[33:24] The other time Sergeant Kidd was accused of cowardice

[35:15] Why wasn’t the person who shot Officer McClain already locked up?

[37:19] Was Sergeant Kidd on the scene before the other officers?

[38:46] Did any supervisor tell McClain not to go in?

[41:26] Did they catch the man that shot Officer McClain?

[42:11] Steve explains what he believes the difference between police officers and cops is

[44:41] The worst crime scene Steve has ever gone to

[47:16] The story of the couple who got killed in Allen Park

[49:58] Are most of the violent crimes in Detroit related to gangs or drug deals gone wrong?

[53:20] Do you think that Detroit is getting safer?

[55:09] Is the Green Light Program helping deter crime?

[57:01] What do you think of Body Cam usage?

[1:01:30] When do you use deadly force as a cop?

[1:03:47] Thank you for coming in and answering our questions, Steve

[1:05:35] Were you a good shot?

[1:08:39] Thank you for watching this episode of Open Mike!