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Episode 2 – A sit down with Susan Morse

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Episode 2 – A sit down with Susan Morse

Episode 2 - A sit down with Susan Morse

Susan Morse wears many hats as both a veteran financial planner, and the mother of our own Mike Morse. The two take a trip down memory lane, going back over 30 years to the beginning of Mike’s entrepreneurial childhood and life growing up in Detroit. Mike gives advice on finding and honing in your passion in life, and why money isn’t the most important thing in business.

Show Notes

[0:31] Discussing Mitch Albom’s No-Fault Insurance article in the Detroit Free Press

[2:28] Mike explains his predictions of how the new auto insurance laws will hurt Michiganders

[4:37] There are now six options for auto insurance policies

[7:23] Is it up to drivers to choose their level of coverage?

[9:06] Does it matter if the other driver in an accident is underinsured or uninsured?

[14:03] The difference between uninsured and underinsured

[15:04] Does redlining in Detroit play a part in this?

[17:47] Michigan’s prisons provide kosher meals

[19:17] What is kosher?

[21:31] How could somebody prove that they’re Jewish?

[23:35] Why doesn’t Mike’s mom post on Facebook?

[24:18] What happened to Jonathan Vanderhagen, the grieving father who vented on Facebook?

[28:03] People need to be careful what they post

[28:44] Thank you for watching this episode of Open Mike