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Episode 16 – Attorney Jim Wendt and Mike Morse

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Episode 16 – Attorney Jim Wendt and Mike Morse

Episode 16 - Attorney Jim Wendt and Mike Morse

James Wendt, a young and brilliant attorney here at the Mike Morse Law Firm, has been taking on and winning countless personal injury cases in the state of Michigan over the past several years. In the latest episode of Open Mike, James and Mike reveal what to do immediately following an accident, how to maximize the winnings of a lawsuit, and which insurance options best protect you from accidents and injury.

Show Notes

[0:32] Introducing today’s guest, Attorney Jim Wendt

[1:36] Tell us about your background and why you went to law school

[2:44] Jim met his wife at the firm

[3:09] What do you love about being a lawyer?

[5:29] How do you not get jaded seeing so many injured people?

[8:10] Which are the worst insurance companies to deal with?

[9:02] What advice would you give to someone who has been in an accident?

[11:08] How does being honest with their lawyer help a client’s case?

[11:35] Is there a checklist for evidence and record collection?

[14:06] What’s your advice to victims who are in pain?

[16:00] What is PLPD insurance?

[18:24] Read more about Underinsured Motorists and Uninsured Motorists coverage

[20:00] Is it a good idea to ask your insurance agent what policy you should buy?

[22:28] If you want to see if you have adequate insurance, text Mike at 833-898-6453 

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