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  • 76 – Are Ghosts Real? Paranormal Investigators Visit Haunted Locations to Find Answers From Beyond

76 – Are Ghosts Real? Paranormal Investigators Visit Haunted Locations to Find Answers From Beyond

76 – Are Ghosts Real? Paranormal Investigators Visit Haunted Locations to Find Answers From Beyond

Everyone inevitably approaches mortality — why do some people seem to linger on in this world as spirits, while most don’t? We all know the well-established Hollywood trope of “unfinished business,” but paranormal investigator Kris Sumner thinks the answer is more complicated than that. Since the 2014 launch of Soul Sisters Paranormal, her all-female paranormal investigation group, Kris has investigated dozens of famous hotspots for supernatural activity, including the Lizzie Borden House, St. Augustine Lighthouse, and West Virginia Penitentiary. Just in time for Halloween, this spooky installment of Open Mike Podcast covers a variety of phantasmagoric topics, including: how to proceed if you think your house is haunted, ghostly methods to communicate with the other realm, and strategies to determine whether your “haunting” is environmental vs. uncanny.

Show Notes

[00:18] Kris’s background

[00:57] Welcome to our guest, Kris Sumner!

[01:01] How the heck did you get involved in ghost hunting?

[02:23] Is Soul Sisters Paranormal a business or a hobby?

[03:25] How many investigations have you done to date?

[04:10] What is your day job?

[05:17] This could be an obvious question…but you do believe in ghosts?

[05:57] How do you decide what locations to go to? Are people calling you, believing their locations or businesses are haunted or do you go off your own research?

[07:19] In the Harry Potter books, Sirius Black dies, and Harry tries to figure out if he’ll come back as a ghost… he’s told, “not all spirits and ghosts come back.” Do you have a theory as to who stays back and who disappears and why?

[11:24] That third choice, you’re suggesting people have a choice over whether or not they go to tell?

[12:06] What does EVP stand for?

[12:35] For your Lizzie Borden investigation, there was no visual documentation, it was all audio?

[14:38] All videos of Soul Sisters Paranormal investigations can be found on their website and YouTube Channel!

[14:58] I was told there were some places in Michigan that you want to investigate! Tell us about those.

[16:07] Is there a club or organization for paranormal investigators like yourself?

[17:47] The equipment I saw you use in your investigation… who created these and how did they come about?

[21:04] The voices that were recorded in the Lizzie Borden episode were faint, but it was compelling and pretty eerie to hear a voice just pop out! It definitely sounds like a human voice.

[23:21] If someone is watching or listening to this podcast and they think their house may be haunted… what is the best way for them to draw out the spirits and communicate with them?

[26:52] Let me guess… your favorite holiday is Halloween?

[27:43] Everyone check out the Soul Sisters Paranormal website and YouTube Channel!

[27:52] Thank you for coming on, Kris! Let us know next time you’re in Michigan and maybe we’ll tag along on your investigation.

[28:36] Thank you for tuning in to Open Mike Podcast!

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