What type of person would willingly allow themselves to be incarcerated for 60 days? As a former Corrections Officer and Military Intelligence Officer, Mark Din is no stranger to high-stakes situations. However, nothing could have prepared him for life on the inside when he agreed to be locked up for A&E’s hit reality TV series, 60 Days In.

This week’s episode of Open Mike explores the gritty realities of the American prison system as seen through the eyes of an inside operative whose experiences were recorded and broadcasted on network television. Din discusses everything from racial segregation, to corrupt staff, to abysmal food quality, casting an authentic light on the sometimes bleak conditions endured by the 2.2 million Americans who are currently incarcerated.

Show Notes

[1:10] Place welcome our guest, Mark Din!

[1:46] Why would you volunteer to spend 60 days in jail?

[1:53] Mark’s background in the military and as a corrections officer

[4:04] Overall, was it a good experience? What are you doing now?

[5:00] Wasn’t the premise of the show to bring you and others in to ferret out fraud, abuse, bad actors in the prison system?

[7:22] What was the crime you allegedly committed to be “incarcerated” for 60 days?

[9:11] How nerve-wracking and scary was this experience?

[10:24] Even though it’s TV, if somebody wants to hurt you, they could, right?

[11:16] What were the actual prisoners told about the cameras around the facility?

[12:36] Did they ever get wind that you were a plant in there, spying on the system?

[13:51] You lasted the whole 60 days… did you get paid well for this?

[14:37] How bad is the food in there?

[15:31] Did you lose a lot of weight?

[16:07] Did you make any friends while you were in there?

[17:50] Check out Mark’s Podcast and YouTube channel, Awkward Fist Bump Productions!

[20:21] Do you think this series of shows has done anything to make jails safer or more honest?

[21:02] Is this more about finding bad guards and loopholes in management or how inmates are getting contraband or other illegal activities?

[23:04] If bad guards are being fired, that’s a good change. As well as for other guards around the country, knowing that this show is out there, and they could lose their jobs for corruption.

[26:36] Do people recognize you now and come up to you asking for selfies and autographs?

[29:25] What was the scariest thing that happened to you in those 60 days?

[31:50] You can see Mark on A&E’s 60 Days In, season five!

[32:42] Thanks for tuning in to this week’s Open Mike Podcast!

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