Brenda Hill is a candidate who ran to represent Michigan’s District 10 in the State House. She was on track to win until there was a sudden and suspicious surge in votes for her competitor, Mary Cavanagh. Brenda and her friend, City Charter Commissioner Nicole Small, suspect fraud.

In this episode of the Open Mike podcast, Brenda and Nicole explain what they believe really happened in this crazy election. They dive into Mary Cavangh’s background and how someone who didn’t campaign could win. Tune in to hear the suspicious story and Brenda’s plan to find the truth.

Show Notes

[0:04] Introducing today’s guests, Nicole Small and Brenda Hill

[1:06] Brenda, can you tell us what happened with the State Representative Election?

[2:46] Was it Mary Cavanagh who you believe cheated?

[3:00] Nicole, what does your job entail at the Detroit Charter Commission?

[3:45] Nicole, what do you think happened in the District 10 election?

[7:41] What happened with the Redford clerk being kept out of his office?

[8:09] Mary Cavanagh’s family history

[8:36] When were the ballots reported to have been compromised? How did it happen?

[11:55] So you want the Secretary of State to conduct an investigation?

[12:34] What do you believe happened? How did they cheat?

[15:20] You have a lot of support behind you, why has there been such a fast response to this problem?

[17:04] What is the next step?

[18:12] So where do you think these extra ballots came from?

[19:30] Brenda, can you tell us about yourself and why you want to be a State Representative?

[23:12] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike podcast!

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