Michael Phillips Jr. and Romell Holmes run the Fathers First Movement in Detroit. Their organization works to encourage men to be active participants in their children’s lives. A relatively new group, Fathers First has made great strides very quickly in the Detroit community.

In this uplifting episode, Michael and Romell talk about the need they saw in their community and how they are working to fulfill it. Mike and his guests share advice from their own experiences as fathers. The Fathers First Movement is working hard to put good into this world, hear about their mission in this episode that is guaranteed to make you smile.

Show Notes

[0:30] Introducing today’s guests, Michael Phillips Jr. and Romell Holmes of the Fathers First Movement

[1:26] Can you tell us about your backgrounds?

[2:23] You didn’t grow up in the best neighborhoods, then?

[2:54] What was the worst thing you saw as a kid in Detroit?

[3:52] Are you both fathers?

[4:30] Did you both go through your parents divorcing?

[5:17] What is the mission of the Fathers First Movement?

[6:40] In your communities, how do Fathers treat their children?

[8:18] Is there a racial component to this problem?

[9:38] Did you grow up with distant or absent fathers?

[10:40] The Fathers First Movement wants to show fathers that being a dad is more than signing paperwork

[12:30] A lot of men didn’t have a good role model for fatherhood

[13:33] Where do you guys work?

[16:07] What do you think about the Fathers First Movement, Kayla?

[17:31] The small things can make a kid feel loved

[20:04] Can you tell us about your first event?

[21:25] Check out the Event Page!

[24:20] Michael and Romell have connections in community which helps them get people involved

[25:51] Check out the Fathers First Instagram and Facebook!

[26:05] Check out their GoFundMe!

[28:13] Kayla, what do your friends thing of this? Have you seen an effect?

[30:12] Forgiving a father who left would be very difficult

[34:06] Mike talks about his experience with his daughters

[37:08] Concluding Thank you’s

[38:25] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike Podcast!

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