Chantá Parker is the Managing Director of the Wayne County Neighborhood Defense Service (NDS). The NDS was hired this past fall to provide better legal defense for citizens who can’t afford a private lawyer. They have an excellent track record in Harlem and are working to help bring justice to Detroit.

In episode 62 of the Open Mike Podcast, Chantá explains the origns of the NDS and how they were chosen to help Detroit. Mike asks her about what changes they’ve seen already and what they are still working on. Tune in to hear about the great progress that the Wayne County NDS is making.

Show Notes

[0:03] Introducing today’s guest, Chantá Parker

[1:15] What is your background?

[4:12] How is the Neighborhood Defender Service (NDS) different?

[7:09] Was there a Wayne County Public Defender’s office before you came in?

[8:56] Are there any statistics that show how much good NDS is doing?

[10:12] Watch Mike interview the Disruptors from The Bail project in Detroit

[14:24] People are given a very low bail but still can’t pay it

[15:01] How good of a job is the Bail Project doing at publicizing their services?

[17:16] Who is training the 75% of Wayne county cases that you don’t take?

[20:19] Public Defenders needs to be aware of possibly corrupt or biased officials

[22:20] What do people need in Wayne Count to help with inequity?

[24:45] What level of oversight is there to make sure defense lawyers are giving enough effort?

[26:16] NDS offers free training to lawyers looking to get into public defense

[27:02] Do judges still appoint attorneys to represent defendants?

[28:25] Are you seeing judges select attorneys who don’t push as hard?

[31:15] This is an old system; it will take time to change

[31:49] Are you trying more cases than Wayne county used to?

[33:32] Are criminal courts open in person now?

[35:16] How honest would you say police have been in Detroit?

[39:08] Mike is very glad that NDS has come to Detroit

[39:58] Contact Chantá at (313) 474-3200 or through the NDS website

[40:44] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike podcast!

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