Megan Diebboll and Asia Johnson are Bail Disruptors who work with The Bail Project in Detroit. They interview candidates and provide up to $5,000 in bail to those who cannot afford it. Megan and Asia are working to end the bail system, which they believe is ineffective and discriminatory against poor Americans.

In this episode of Open Mike, Megan and Asia explain the purpose of the Bail Project and how they got involved. They address the claims that bail guarantees court attendance and speculate on how COVID-19 is affecting local jails. Megan and Asia tell Mike about the life-changing impact freedom before a trial can have.

Show Notes

[0:03] Introducing today’s guests Megan Diebboll and Asia Johnson of the Detroit Bail Project

[1:00] Mike has been diving into the problems in the criminal justice system on the show recently

[2:50] If 92% of people who can’t post bail plead guilty

[3:54] What is The Bail Project?

[4:49] They’ve had to help people who had bail set at one dollar

[5:23] Do judges realize that people can’t pay the one- or ten-dollar bond?

[6:57] Why are people who don’t make bail more likely to be convicted?

[7:40] What does the bail project do in Detroit?

[9:39] If you have a loved one in need of help with bail call 323-366-0799 or visit their website

[10:05] Is there any reason you wouldn’t provide bail?

[11:27] Over 90% of the people they help still come to their court date

[12:30] Money is recycled through the bail project so it can help multiple people each year. Donate here.

[13:11] What is a Bail Disruptor?

[13:47] If someone is dangerous, it shouldn’t matter if they are rich

[14:26] Megan, why did you join the bail project?

[15:04] Asia, why did you join the bail project?

[16:43] How do for-profit bail bonds agents work?

[19:20] Mike wants to help them get the word out

[19:50] Taxpayers spend 14 billion dollars every year holding people before trial

[21:36] The pandemic is likely making more people plead guilty because social distancing is hard in jail

[23:21] Can you each tell the most impactful story you’ve seen from bailing people out?

[26:29] Please tell any defense attorney or incarcerated people that you know about the Bail Project

[27:16] Mike wants his daughters to grow up to do things this important and impactful

[29:12] Thank you for watching this episode of the Open Mike podcast!

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