David Carroll is a nationally recognized expert in court system reform and the delivery of good counsel services. He works with the Sixth Amendment Center to ensure that people accused of crimes have access to adequate legal representation.

In this episode of Open Mike, David tells Mike about the Michigan Justice system’s recent improvements after a report that his organization made on the state. They also discuss the inherent problem of bail and how court-appointed lawyers are too overworked to provide good counsel. Tune in to this insightful episode to learn about the problems with our criminal justice system and what needs to be done to fix it.

Show Notes

[0:06] Introducing today’s guest, David Carroll

[1:39] What is the Sixth Amendment Center?

[3:05] Bad lawyering is a common cause for wrongful conviction

[4:36] Let’s talk about Michigan, how are we doing here?

[6:25] Can you talk about Wayne County’s Neighborhood Defender services?

[10:59] Wayne County fixed their system after a report by the Sixth Amendment center

[12:04] Do judges take claims of ineffective council seriously?

[14:16] Over 80% of people charged with felonies get government funded council

[14:42] Watch Mike’s conversation with Professor Primus here

[16:07] Watch Mike’s first interview with Kenny here and the follow up interview here

[17:17] “People can’t see the injustices around them”

[19:14] David encourages listeners to watch what happens in a real courtroom

[21:08] Financial conflict of interest in payment of attorneys in Wayne County

[22:43] Going to trial is not advantageous for court-appointed lawyers

[23:16] Wayne County is working to fix this

[25:33] What can people waiting for their trial do to help themselves?

[27:25] They would need to find a new attorney or contact the judge

[29:59] People who can’t post bail are more likely to plead guilty

[33:39] People sitting in jail are using taxpayer money

[34:46] Why are people allowed to have their bail set without an attorney present?

[36:07] Over 90% of the Bail Project’s clients show up to court

[39:21] David has seen Mike’s podcast with Kenny Wyniemko

[41:52] Have you seen Just Mercy yet?

[43:29] Check out the Sixth Amendment Center’s website

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