Lawyer Marc Mendelson has worked at the Mike Morse Law Firm for 17 years. In this episode, Marc joins Mike to explain Michigan’s new No-Fault law that goes into effect in July 2020. They go over who the new law really benefits and why consumers are unlikely to receive the savings they were promised. Marc also points out that Motorcyclists will now be forced to play a game of chance with their benefits. Having seen how quickly medical bills can burn through insurance money, Mike passionately encourages Michiganders to keep their unlimited coverage.
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Show Notes

[0:01] Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance law changes on July 1st, 2020

[1:10] Introducing today’s guest, Marc Mendelson

[1:45] Can you explain the new insurance policies? Which one do you recommend?

[3:13] Are there any caps on previous No-Fault policies?

[3:37] Are citizens discouraged from choosing unlimited plans?

[5:06] The cost reductions only apply to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) which is about 35% of the policy

[6:30] Does everyone have to change their car insurance on July 1st?

[7:41] What happens when the No-Fault insurance money runs out?

[9:10] What new No-Fault coverage options are available?

[10:56] “This whole thing is a scam”

[12:14] What is the Managed Care option?

[14:03] Motorcyclists have no control over the benefits they get

[15:36] How will 3rd Party Liability Insurance change?

[16:50] Marc advocates for high Uninsured Motorists and Underinsured Motorists coverage

[18:24] What changed with how Medical Providers can claim payment?

[19:12] People are going to lose everything if their bills go above their coverage

[20:19] If you are in a car accident, be honest with your insurance agent

[21:02] Tips to save money on car insurance

[22:38] Thank you for tuning in to the Open Mike podcast and please choose unlimited coverage. Learn more about Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance law

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