Emmy award winning television journalist Chris Hansen has returned for his second appearance on Open Mike. Raised in Southeast Michigan, Chris is well known for his segment on Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator. He has been continuing to give a voice to victims through his YouTube Channel called Have A Seat with Chris Hansen.

In this episode, Chris updates Mike on the allegations regarding Youtuber Onision, and he brings to light the horrific claims made against Dahvie Vanity, a hairstylist and musician from the now disbanded group Blood on the Dance Floor. Chris also emphasizes the importance of journalism in the investigation of potential predators.

Show Notes

[0:05] Introducing today’s guest, Chris Hansen

[1:44] Detroit Police Chief Craig and his leadership through the protests

[3:40] Has the Onision investigation been delayed by recent events?

[7:41] Onision’s new content on OnlyFans and Discord

[9:10] What is Movie Night with Onision?

[10:09] Onision is becoming a “digital vagabond”

[11:12] Why Chris won’t do an interview on Onision’s channel

[13:50] Who is Dahvie Vanity?

[16:00] Dahvie’s victims have begun coming forward

[16:27] Why hasn’t Dahvie been charged yet?

[17:29] Dahvie’s violent M.O.

[18:10] Where is Dahvie Vanity now?

[18:43] Chris explains how Dahvie manipulated families and groomed his victims

[19:52] How old is Dahvie Vanity?

[20:13] Mike find a picture of Dahvie online

[20:28] What happened to his band?

[20:34] Chris tells Mike about the reports of his interviewees

[21:13] When did Chris start investigating Dahvie?

[22:12] Dahvie published a video of one of his drugged victims

[22:29] “He’d make an interesting interview”

[22:48] Has Dahvie been interview by police?

[23:27] How did Chris hear about Dahvie Vanity?

[24:58] Where does Dahvie Vanity lie in comparison to the other predators you have investigated?

[25:50] How did these girls get near Dahvie in the first place?

[28:23] Similarities between Dahvie Vanity and Jeffery Epstein

[30:09] The lesson Chris learned from the Epstein case

[31:06] What is coming next for Chris Hansen?

[32:16] Chris and Mike discuss the importance of YouTube in a digital world

[33:12] Chris explains the investigation of multi-millionaire Peter Nygård

[35:40] Mike tells listeners about Chris Hansen’s Cameo

[37:20] Check out Chris’ YouTube channel

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