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  • 52 – Chris Hansen Returns with Updates on Onision, Dahvie Vanity, and What’s Next

52 – Chris Hansen Returns with Updates on Onision, Dahvie Vanity, and What’s Next

52 – Chris Hansen Returns with Updates on Onision, Dahvie Vanity, and What’s Next

Emmy award winning television journalist Chris Hansen has returned for his second appearance on Open Mike. Raised in Southeast Michigan, Chris is well known for his segment on Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator. He has been continuing to give a voice to victims through his YouTube Channel called Have A Seat with Chris Hansen.

In this episode, Chris updates Mike on the allegations regarding Youtuber Onision, and he brings to light the horrific claims made against Dahvie Vanity, a hairstylist and musician from the now disbanded group Blood on the Dance Floor. Chris also emphasizes the importance of journalism in the investigation of potential predators.

Show Notes

[0:05] Introducing today’s guest, Chris Hansen

[1:44] Detroit Police Chief Craig and his leadership through the protests

[3:40] Has the Onision investigation been delayed by recent events?

[7:41] Onision’s new content on OnlyFans and Discord

[9:10] What is Movie Night with Onision?

[10:09] Onision is becoming a “digital vagabond”

[11:12] Why Chris won’t do an interview on Onision’s channel

[13:50] Who is Dahvie Vanity?

[16:00] Dahvie’s victims have begun coming forward 

[16:27] Why hasn’t Dahvie been charged yet?

[17:29] Dahvie’s violent M.O.

[18:10] Where is Dahvie Vanity now?

[18:43] Chris explains how Dahvie manipulated families and groomed his victims

[19:52] How old is Dahvie Vanity?

[20:13] Mike find a picture of Dahvie online

[20:28] What happened to his band?

[20:34] Chris tells Mike about the reports of his interviewees

[21:13] When did Chris start investigating Dahvie?

[22:12] Dahvie published a video of one of his drugged victims

[22:29] “He’d make an interesting interview”

[22:48] Has Dahvie been interview by police?

[23:27] How did Chris hear about Dahvie Vanity?

[24:58] Where does Dahvie Vanity lie in comparison to the other predators you have investigated?

[25:50] How did these girls get near Dahvie in the first place?

[28:23] Similarities between Dahvie Vanity and Jeffery Epstein 

[30:09] The lesson Chris learned from the Epstein case 

[31:06] What is coming next for Chris Hansen?

[32:16] Chris and Mike discuss the importance of YouTube in a digital world

[33:12] Chris explains the investigation of multi-millionaire Peter Nygård

[35:40] Mike tells listeners about Chris Hansen’s Cameo

[37:20] Check out Chris’ YouTube channel

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