What Damages Can I Get For A Hit And Run Accident?

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Car accidents are often devastating, causing injuries, fatalities, property damage, and long-lasting effects for victims. The aftermath of a collision is often hard to handle regardless, but even more so when the guilty party leaves the accident scene trying to escape their responsibility.

If you’re the victim of a hit-and-run accident, you may wonder if you’ll receive compensation for your damages. If the guilty party escapes justice, who will pay? The Mike Morse Law Firm explains.

Why Do Some Drivers Leave the Scene of an Accident?


Michigan’s laws require those involved in a car crash to remain at the accident site until police officers respond. However, not everyone follows this requirement. In 2021, there were 282,640 crashes in the state; of those, 36,494 were hit and run.

People who follow the law find it difficult to understand why some drivers leave an accident scene. Common reasons include the following:

  • Willfully ignoring the consequences of their actions
  • Being unaware of hitting cyclists or pedestrians
  • Avoiding arrest for driving while drunk, in a stolen vehicle, or while a criminal act is in progress
  • Distractions

If a driver causes an accident that injures someone, they can face a misdemeanor or felony charge, fines, and possible time in jail. If police later find the guilty individual, victims can also file a civil lawsuit against them.

What Should You Do After a Hit-and-Run Crash?


Don’t attempt to follow an at-fault driver if they flee the accident scene. Not only would you break the law, but you might also endanger yourself.

Assist Others

Other vehicles, pedestrians, or cyclists may also be victims. Attempt to render reasonable assistance. At the least, note the presence of injuries so you can tell the 911 operator.

Dial 911

Even if you’re the only one remaining at the accident scene, you still need to call the police. You’ll probably need a police accident report to file an insurance claim. Inform the operator that the responsible vehicle left the scene during your 911 call. Officers can then be on the lookout for the offender.

Gather Evidence

Evidence captured at the accident scene is critical, especially when the responsible driver leaves. Use your phone to take photos and record videos of things like:

  • Skid marks
  • Your injuries and vehicle damage
  • The entire accident scene
  • Witnesses and their statements

Witness statements are especially important in hit-and-run accidents. Witnesses may notice details about the fleeing car that you miss.

Get a Medical Evaluation

Even if you don’t think your injuries are serious, you should always seek a medical examination after a car accident. Some injuries develop over time, and others are internal. Adrenaline often masks the pain associated with wounds. An immediate evaluation can spot unapparent injuries and possibly save your life.

Unfortunately, insurance companies may claim that you didn’t receive your injuries in the crash so they won’t have to pay damages. The medical personnel will create a record describing your condition immediately after your accident. This report is evidence proving the origin of your injuries.

Call a Hit-and-Run Lawyer

All car accident claims can be complex. Those involving a hit-and-run crash are typically even more complicated. Hiring an experienced attorney familiar with this type of case can give you peace of mind.

How Can a Hit-and-Run Lawyer Help?


There are many tasks to complete after any car accident, but you need to focus on recovering from your injuries. A competent hit-and-run lawyer will:

  • Provide information and offer legal advice
  • File insurance claims and other paperwork
  • Investigate your accident
  • Gather evidence
  • Speak to insurance companies on your behalf
  • Negotiate a reasonable settlement offer
  • Take your case to trial if needed

Any attorney can technically take your case. However, you’re more likely to have a favorable outcome when you hire one who focuses on personal injury law and understands how to navigate the complications presented by a hit-and-run accident claim.

Can You Help Police Find the Fleeing Driver?


If someone causes a crash that injures you and they leave the scene, any information you provide to police officers can help. Any photos or videos you take of the vehicle are especially useful. If you’re able, note things like:

  • A description of the vehicle, including body type, color, and any distinguishing features
  • The license plate number
  • A description of the driver
  • The direction the vehicle was traveling

If you notice any video surveillance cameras that may have captured the accident as it happened, notify the police and your attorney. They can request a copy of the footage before the camera automatically deletes it.

What Damages Are Available in a Hit-and-Run Accident?


Michigan laws require drivers to purchase personal injury protection insurance. PIP policies typically pay for specific types of expenses, regardless of who is at fault for a car crash.

To get compensation for non-economic damages in a hit-and-run collision, you likely need to have uninsured motorist coverage as an additional component to your own car insurance policy. If the at-fault driver is found, you can seek compensation from them.

Although the insurance company or policy that pays your damages may differ, injured accident victims are usually eligible for several types of damages. To ensure that you get all the damages you’re due, it’s best to hire a hit-and-run lawyer.

Economic Damages

Car crashes create expenses, and economic damages reimburse victims. Eligible expenses include:

  • Medical expenses: hospital stays, doctor visits, rehabilitation, medications, and necessary medical equipment
  • Lost wages: money you would have earned working during your recovery time
  • Replacement services: costs associated with hiring people to perform tasks you usually do, such as cleaning your home, taking care of children, or running errands
  • Property damage: repair or replacement costs for your damaged vehicle, clothes, and other belongings in your car

Keep your invoices and receipts as proof to ensure that you receive compensation for all of your accident-related expenses. Your Mike Morse attorney will need copies of them.

Non-Economic Damages

Physical wounds and trauma sustained in car crashes can have adverse effects on your life afterward. Non-economic damages compensate for things like:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Losing the ability to enjoy your life
  • Inconvenience
  • Permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Anxiety, depression, and PTSD

This category of damages is difficult to obtain if you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage or the police don’t find the at-fault party. Ask your hit-and-run lawyer for more details.

Exemplary Damages

If the guilty party is located, you may receive exemplary damages. These intend to compensate victims further if the person responsible for causing your accident acted in specific ways. Few cases qualify even with a known at-fault driver.

Do You Need a Hit-and-Run Lawyer?


A hit-and-run claim is typically more complicated than when the guilty party remains at the accident scene. Let the Mike Morse Law Firm handle your claim to avoid making a costly mistake. We have experience handling this type of accident claim and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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