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Every year, there’s an average of over 3,000 car crashes in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That’s a lot of accidents that could have been avoided if road users had been more careful.

Ann Arbor, MI Car Accident LawyerMichigan car accidents, in general, are a source of great personal upheaval. Victims often end up dealing with considerable financial loss, physical injuries, wage loss, and even the loss of life. For many, this can be a trying period filled with uncertainty. If you have sustained personal injury from a car accident in Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County, you may be able to pursue compensation and collect a decent settlement for your troubles.

Recovering settlements and benefits from an auto accident case can be a complex and lengthy process. To make sure your needs are met, you should speak to an experienced car accident lawyer serving Ann Arbor, Michigan. A skilled attorney can make an incredible difference in your case.

Mike Morse Law Firm has excellent car accident lawyers who are skilled and experienced at handling these types of cases. Contact us today to speak to an Ann Arbor car accident attorney. Call 855-MIKE-WINS for a free initial consultation.

Major Causes of Car Accidents in Ann Arbor, MI

Every year, there are around 300,000 auto accidents caused by a wide range of issues in Michigan. For many victims, their lives are never the same after the accident. Worse still, some are unable to secure adequate compensation to enable them to live comfortable lives after the incident.

This may be because some victims do not have adequate and effective legal representation, support, and advice while pursuing their compensation. Yet, having an experienced Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer can make a huge difference. It could even make the difference between a five-figure and a six-figure settlement.

A crucial part of winning your settlement is determining what caused the crash in the first place. Your Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer should be able to accurately determine why you were involved in a Michigan auto accident.

For instance, let’s say a distracted driver was going at 80 mph in a 65 mph zone and caused a car crash because the car’s brakes failed. The most likely conclusion would be that the car crash occurred because of brake failure when, in reality, it was caused by excess speeding.

Without the help of an experienced Ann Arbor auto accident attorney, it may be difficult to identify the root cause of the accident. At Mike Morse Law Firm, our team of experienced lawyers, investigators, and professionals can help determine the root cause, thus improving your chance of securing a satisfactory outcome.

Every injury attorney on our team is trained to focus on getting to the heart of your case. And in our experience in Ann Arbor, Michigan, car crashes are usually caused by one or more of the following:

  • Too much speed – This is pretty dangerous as seen from the almost 37,000 fatalities caused by excessive speeding in Michigan; drivers should be driving within the recommended speed limits and according to road and weather conditions
  • Refusal to yield – Car accidents can occur when road users refuse to yield to other road users who have the right of way
  • Driving too close to other vehicles – Also known as tailgating, driving too close to other vehicles or other road users leaves little or no room for maneuvering if the road user in front has to stop or brake suddenly
  • Traffic violation – Going straight through an intersection when you should have stopped can cause a collision with other vehicles or pedestrians
  • Poor weather conditions – Snowstorms, fogs, wet roads, and heavy rainfall can increase the risk of getting in an accident in Michigan
  • Improper lane change – Drivers are meant to pick a lane and stay in the lane; if a driver must switch lanes, he or she needs to indicate and make sure the other lane is free before maneuvering
  • Careless or reckless driving – Careless drivers may include anyone who drives against traffic, joins major roads without checking for oncoming traffic, and backing up without looking where they are going

While some auto accidents are mild and involve only property damage, many accidents can cause serious injuries and even fatalities. However you look at it, there will be a need for some form of compensation for things like medical bills, loss of income, temporary or permanent disability, property damage, and more.

Your settlement will depend on a variety of factors with the most important being the Ann Arbor personal injury lawyer you hire. At Mike Morse Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers are driven, knowledgeable, and experienced in securing satisfactory outcomes in auto accident cases.

We have handled many car accident cases like yours and helped our clients get the compensation they deserve. If you’d like to learn how we can help you, please get in touch with us today.

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Do I Have a Case?

Should You Hire an Ann Arbor, MI Car Accident Law Firm If You're Not At Fault?

You should definitely hire an auto accident attorney whether or not you are at fault for the collision. Personal injury compensation claims arising from vehicular accidents are often complex. These cases require the expertise of at least one experienced personal injury attorney.

Michigan is a no-fault insurance state. This means that you can file for compensation with your insurance company if you are injured in a car crash. While filing for an insurance claim with your insurance company might seem pretty straightforward, it may be nothing but.

Although Michigan insurance companies may seem like they are willing to help you if you ever get in a bind, the reality is that insurance companies are profit-making entities. So their ultimate goal is to limit the number of payouts to clients, even clients who are loyal customers.

This means that the insurance company might decide to deny your claim. And if the company does approve your compensation claim, you may be underpaid.

However, with the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you may be able to get your due and nothing less. The Ann Arbor personal injury attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm understand how insurance companies work and will work hard to make sure you get the highest settlement amount possible.

If you have been injured and need some help with filing an effective personal injury lawsuit in Ann Arbor or Washtenaw County, MI, contact our lawyers today. Call us at 855-MIKE-WINS to request a free consultation with our car crash lawyers.

Types of Damages You Can Seek in an Ann Arbor, MI Car Accident Case

Depending on a variety of factors surrounding your case, you may be able to seek two types of damages:

  • Economic damages – These are tangible damages that can be easily quantified by monetary value
  • Non-economic damages – These may be sought through third-party claims and may include pain and suffering or the loss of companionship or consortium

Economic damages are generally straightforward, as the value of the compensation can be easily determined. Examples of economic damages that you could pursue include wage loss, medical expenses, and property damage.

Non-economic damages are more complicated in the sense that the damages indicating the degree of pain and injury are not easily calculated. There is no cut-and-dry case.

Pain and suffering damages, for instance, may be impossible to pursue without legal assistance. However, your lawyer can determine how much you can pursue as damages and assist you throughout the process.

If you’d like us to help you seek adequate economic and non-economic compensation for your injuries, feel free to contact Mike Morse Law Firm. Our highly experienced lawyers are always on-hand to assist you and answer any questions you might have. To speak to a lawyer, call 855-MIKE-WINS toll-free today.

Why You Should Hire Mike Morse Law Firm in Ann Arbor, MI

Personal injuries and vehicle collision cases are tough, prolonged, and exacting. If you want to win your case and get the compensation you deserve, you must have experienced legal representation, advice, and support. There’s no better firm to get that from than Mike Morse Law Firm.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • 1. We have the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan
  • 2. We have recovered over $1.5 billion in compensation for clients
  • 3. We have a highly experienced team of car accident lawyers and have been successfully representing clients like you in Washtenaw County, MI, for 25 years
  • 4. We work on a contingency fee basis – You pay nothing unless we win you your money
  • 5. We treat all our clients with compassion and respect – You’re never just a case file or a number
  • 6.We actively work with clients on a personal one-on-one basis

If these sound like great advantages to you, get in touch with us today at 855-MIKE-WINS to schedule a free initial consultation.

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