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Michigan Accident Attorney Case Results

Michigan Auto Accident Lawyer | Michigan Car Accident

Michigan Accident Attorney Case Results

Put the experience of the Michigan car, truck, and motorcycle accident attorneys at The Mike Morse Law Firm to work for you. We work hard for each of our Michigan accident clients, giving them the personal attention that they deserve and the service that produces great results like these:


Lawyers, nurses, doctors and other professionals statewide refer their clients to The Mike Morse Law Firm to handle these complicated cases. In 2014, we settled cases for $3,000,000, $2,500,000, $2,027,000, $1,260,000 and $892,500. We also help negotiate future rates for attendant care for individuals who provide these services.


Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Genesee, Allegan, Livingston and many other counties of Michigan: Every year more than $30,000,000.00 in settlements are obtained for Michigan auto accident victims.

TRUCK ACCIDENT – Wayne County, Michigan:

$2,720,000.00 award for a man with a lumbar herniation in one disk, requiring two surgeries.

AUTO ACCIDENT – Wayne County, Michigan:

$900,000.00 arbitration award for a man with a herniated disk who opted not to have surgery after an automobile accident.

CAR ACCIDENT – Oakland County, Michigan:

$800,000.00 settlement for a woman who was hit by a handyman going to work. She suffered a tri-malleolar ankle injury which required 3 surgeries.

FIRST-PARTY/NO-FAULT – Wayne County, Michigan:

$775,000.00 settlement for a woman who cared for her young daughter who suffered from paraplegia after a car accident in 1996. The settlement was for Attendant Care Benefits that Farmers Insurance Company owed her for underpaying her for many years.


$500,000.00 settlement. Client suffered a minor brain injury after a truck rear-ended him. Client had suffered a prior brain injury about one year before the accident that we represented him for. He also reaggravated his shoulder. He had 4 prior shoulder surgeries before the accident. This was a very difficult case in which State Farm was the insurance company for the negligent driver. Case settled approximately 2 months before the case was to go to trial.

CAR ACCIDENT – Wayne County, Michigan:

$425,000.00 for a man with multiple bulging disks after a rear-end auto accident with very little damage to his car. Further, our client was a lawyer and missed very little time from work.

PREMISES LIABILITY – Wayne County, Michigan:

$275,000.00 for a man who slipped on ice at Taco Bell as he was exiting his car. He ended up having surgery to repair a disk in his low back.

FIRST PARTY/PIP – Home Modifications:

A minor plaintiff lost her leg in an automobile accident. Due to this injury, modifications were required for her to get into and out of the house, up the stairs, as well as changes to her bathroom. Citizens insurance company originally paid $75,000.00 to update the house, but the construction company did not finish the job and went out of business after receiving all of the money. Luckily, our client chose to use a construction company that Citizens recommended. Our client subsequently moved into a different home. Home modifications to this home were going to cost $162,000.00. The Law offices of Mike Morse received this settlement for our client within a short amount of time. We have also negotiated several thousand dollars a month for attendant care services for the family.

THIRD PARTY KNEE SCAR CLAIM – Oakland County, Michigan:

$67,500.00 arbitration award for a 16 year old high school student. This young man banged his knee in an accident and cut up his knee. The knee then keloided and he saw a doctor 2 times after the accident. The scar was the only injury which was about 2 inches in diameter and was very dark in color. The keloiding calmed down by the time of the arbitration hearing which probably lowered the value of the claim.

Michigan Car Accident? We Can Help

Contact us or complete our free online consultation today to find out just what you are entitled to receive and how to get maximum money for your pain and suffering.

Our Clients Say It Best…

28 years after my accident I received a letter from The Mike Morse Law Firm with an information brochure. I’m so glad I kept that letter because later on when AAA wrongly suspended my no fault benefits, I immediately contacted Mike. Mr. Morse took my case and did everything he said he would do. Now, more than 28 years after my accident, AAA is paying like they should be, and it’s all because of Mr. Morse’s hard work and expertise.

Van JohnsonDetroit, Michigan

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