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  • Steer Clear of These Michigan Accident-Prone Roads

Steer Clear of These Michigan Accident-Prone Roads

Steer Clear of These Michigan Accident-Prone Roads

There’s no question about it: traveling from here to there can be fun. Driving a sporty car… riding a bike on a crisp, sunny morning… hitting the road on a throaty Harley… even stepping into a comfortable pair of shoes and hoofing it to your destination… all can be enjoyable ways to travel, and some even help you stay physically fit. However, at the same time, traveling can be dangerous, especially if you end up commuting in one of the locations known to be Michigan’s most perilous accident hotspots.

Many of these treacherous places are in Southeastern Michigan, but folks in the Western part of the state aren’t immune. To help you stay safe wherever you travel, we’ve outlined some of Michigan’s riskiest spots (depending upon the mode of transportation you might choose). We hope you find this list helpful as you drive, walk, ride, or pedal across our beautiful state.

We’d like to thank the Michigan State Police Office of Highway Safety Planning for providing the statistical tools we used to develop this analysis of accident-prone locations.

car accidents

Most Dangerous Roads for Passenger Cars

In 2020, 96,821 crashes occurred across the state, 6,420 of which were in Wayne County, 5,520 in Oakland County, 4,370 in Kent County, and 3,060 in Genesee County. Wayne’s hotspots were I-75 and the Davidson Expressway, and the interchange where I-94 and I-75 intersect. In Oakland, a large number of car accidents were concentrated along I-696 near I-75, and also at I-696 and Coolidge. Kent County’s danger zone is US-131 north of Wealthy Street and US-131 south of Grandville Avenue SW. Genesee saw the highest accident counts along I-475 near S. Grand Traverse Street and at the crossing of I-475 and I-69.

truck accident

Most Dangerous Roads for Trucks and Buses

11,344 truck and bus accidents occurred statewide in 2020, with the most in Wayne County (2,530), followed by Oakland (1,270) and Macomb (881). Wayne County’s, worst spots were I-94, east of the Woodward interchange and I-75 north of I-94. Similar to passenger car accidents, Oakland County saw the highest number of truck accidents and bus accidents around the intersection of I-696 and I-75. Macomb’s most dangerous areas are at I-696 and Mound Road, along with Metro Parkway and Van Dyke Avenue.

motorcycle accident

Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcycles

There were 2,988 motorcycle crashes statewide in 2020, of which 523 were in — you guessed it — Wayne County. The next highest numbers were in Oakland County with 220 and Kent County with 210. Drilling down into the details, we saw that the highest concentration of motorcycle accidents in Wayne County occurred on and around highway cloverleaf intersections, with several at the I-75 and the Davidson Expressway entrances and exits. In Oakland County, Woodward at 11 Mile and Woodward at 13 Mile intersections had significant incidences of motorcycle crashes.  Kent County saw the highest number of motorcycle accidents along the US-131 corridor in downtown Grand Rapids.

bicycle accident

Most Dangerous Roads for Bicyclists

2020 saw 1,224 bicycle accidents statewide, 311 of which happened in Wayne County (nearly double the number of the next highest county, Oakland). The greatest concentration of bicycle accidents was recorded around Wayne State University, with many along Woodward Avenue near Warren Avenue.

pedestrian accident

Most Dangerous Roads for Pedestrians

Perhaps it’s the constant distractions posed by cell phones, but it seems even walking can be dangerous these days! The Michigan State Police reported 1,682 pedestrian accidents statewide in 2020, 555 of which were in Wayne County (followed by 160 in Oakland County and 159 in Kent County). Gratiot between 7 and 8 Mile in Wayne County was a particularly active hotspot. Oakland County pedestrian accidents were more dispersed, with the area around Woodward and Maple Road presenting one notable location that presented danger to folks on foot. Most pedestrian injuries in Kent County happened on Division Avenue S between Burton Street SE and 28th Street SE, and along Kalamazoo Avenue SE near 28th Street SE.

Most Dangerous Places of All

There’s an old saying: all roads lead to Rome. That may be true, but in Michigan, all roads lead to accidents. Last year, for example, there were 238,054 combined collisions of all types across Michigan, with the highest total incidence in Wayne County at 44,020, followed by Oakland at 26,320, Macomb at 17,800, and Kent at 17,060. Regardless of where you’re traveling, no interstate expressway, divided highway, two-lane road, or even solitary subdivision cul-de-sac is entirely safe. But, you may be less likely to become injured if you avoid highly traveled roads and stay away from busy intersections.

If you’re looking for the spots where you’re most likely of all to become involved in an accident, a Detroit newspaper recently highlighted several specific intersections across Michigan known to present the greatest risk for collisions. Top five on the list were “the usual suspects” — places known by locals to be regular danger zones. Drum roll, please! And here they are:

  1. Van Dyke at 18-½ Mile in Sterling Heights
  2. 11 Mile at Van Dyke (near I-696) in Warren
  3. US-131 at Wealthy Street in Grand Rapids
  4. Martin Parkway at Pontiac Trail in Commerce Township
  5. Schoolcraft Road at Telegraph Road in Redford Township

Hopefully knowing about these risky spots will help you avoid becoming an accident statistic in 2021… or ever! But if fate intervenes and you ever do find yourself the victim of a careless driver, you know where to go for professional representation: the personal injury attorneys at Mike Morse Law Firm. We’re a click or a phone call away, and we’re ready to help you whenever and wherever you need us. Remember our number: 855-MIKE-WINS (855-645-3946).