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  • Watch Detroit’s Revitalization in the New Visit Detroit Campaign Video

Watch Detroit’s Revitalization in the New Visit Detroit Campaign Video

Watch Detroit’s Revitalization in the New Visit Detroit Campaign Video
Photo Credit from Metro Times

It would be an understatement to say that Detroit has changed a lot of the last decade. The legendary ‘Motor City’ has by far been one of the most progressive and quickly developing cities in the entire country. Restaurants and bars of all kinds are popping up all over the city. From specialty restaurants, to fast food joints, fantastic new bakeries, and just so much more! Life has been popping in Detroit and shows no sign of slowing down. With multiple initiatives being taken by state officials and by the city’s business folk to ensure it reaches its former glory, the city might just go far beyond than what it used to be.

To document and follow the monumental growth, Detroit’s new ad campaign has released quite the monumental marketing video.

The Video

Boasting “It’s GO Time”, the advertisement developed by Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau takes viewers on a journey encompassing the Motor City. The stops along the way include Hart Plaza, Eastern Market, Belle Isle, the Detroit Zoo, GM RenCen, Motown Museum, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Corktown, Campus Martius, the Fisher Building, Dime Store, Comerica Park, Detroit is the New Black, and many more locations.

Included among the gorgeous and lively sights and sounds of Detroit are headlines from a variety of national and local newspapers that declare the development taking place in the city. Interviews, newspaper clippings, and the video content itself all combine together to support the comeback narrative the city currently holds. For years, Michigan’s main city was in the doldrums and has finally started to show its former glory once again. Since this is such a proud moment for the citizens of Detroit and all of Michigan, the video is fantastic way to celebrate the city’s late resurgence.

The Future

Detroit is certainly carrying a number of problems from the previous years with it. Infrastructure requires a lot of improvement and public transit needs to be thoroughly developed. Education is another basic necessity that the city of Detroit must focus on while also trying to improve all state run machinery. The recent resurgence is just one small step in a very long journey for the city of Detroit. However, to downplay the recent developments would be folly. Detroit may have taken a small step, but it is quite a large one in terms of the city’s future.

With headlines like “The food scene is making it a must-visit,” as per Food Network, “Detroit is infused with art and abuzz with transformative change,” from the Toronto Star, and “See the future American city being built before your eyes,” by the New York Times, the video boasts about Detroit’s resurgence in the best way possible. The city’s recent growth is imperative for the state as a whole, and every Michigan resident should watch the video for a chance to share in the appreciation. Click here for the video.

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(Via MetroTimes)