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  • Great Lakes Nature Center to be Built in Macomb County by the Detroit Zoo

Great Lakes Nature Center to be Built in Macomb County by the Detroit Zoo

Great Lakes Nature Center to be Built in Macomb County by the Detroit Zoo
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Detroit Zoological Society recently announced the construction of the Great Lakes Nature Center. The building is planned to go up in Macomb County, whose representatives also participated in the project’s unveiling. The entire project will cost around $10 million to complete and will be done on the Macomb County shore.

The Nature Center will become the largest establishment of its kind in the entire Great Lakes region. The center shows is being built for a number of different reasons. First of all, it is a place for nature to be conserved and preserved. Secondly, it is a fantastic opportunity to educate people about conservation of the Earth’s resources and how to actually go about it. With exhibits for a variety of different animals guaranteed, and a planned conservation effort to save endangered fish by the shore, this facility may just end up as a national jewel.

The Announcement

The announcement of the project came a day after President Donald Trump’s plan of cutting down conservation funds for the Green Lakes region became public. The planned cut amounts to around 90% of the total funds and is bound to be highly controversial.

The announcement comes as a complete opposite of the President’s policy. The people behind the nature centre hope for it to receive a warm reception by both officials and the public. It shows motivation and tells that the private sector is passionate about conserving nature and protecting the Earth.

According to the Detroit Zoological Society President, Mr Ron Kagan, “We’re thrilled to announce this. We’re hoping this will generate interest, especially in people who want to invest in Macomb County.”

The Facility

The entire facility measures up to approximately 200,000 square feet of area. The development is planned to take alongside Lake St. Clair. The facility is going to contain a number of activities for visitors to participate in. The offered activities include science shows, astronomy, and even birding. The entire project is supposed to be funded by private investors and a group of philanthropists.

Macomb County is incredibly enthusiastic about the project, as shown in this statement by the county’s executive, “It’s a great opportunity to get people connected in the Great Lakes.” All parties involved expect the Great Lakes Nature Centre to attract anywhere around 150,000 to 200,000 people every year. From elementary students, to zoologists, to conservationists, to the curious public, the facility awaits everyone with open arms.

The nature facility is a big moment for the state of Michigan and for the entire Great Lakes region. It will not only help conserve the nature in the area, but it will also help educate people about conserving nature. It will certainly lead to a brighter future for all of Michigan and the Great Lakes region as well.

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(Via MetroTimes)