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  • Detroit Expected to See a Retail Promenade next to Fox Theater by Summer

Detroit Expected to See a Retail Promenade next to Fox Theater by Summer

Detroit Expected to See a Retail Promenade next to Fox Theater by Summer
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Detroit saw some major changes as soon as Olympia Development announced the planned development of Little Caesars World Headquarters. The establishment is expected to be built at Woodward Avenue and Columbia Street. Along with the restaurant, a retail establishment has also been planned on Columbia Street and according to the latest news, the plans seem to be well in motion for a retail promenade next to Fox Theatre.

The Plan

According to Olympia Development’s announcement, a “European-style promenade boasting Cobblestone paving, festoon lights and al fresco dining space” is being planned for construction on Detroit’s famous Columbia Street. Around 40,000 square feet of land in the area has been especially reserved for the restaurant and retail area. With new tenants expected to appear as early as this summer, Olympia’s plans seem to be changing Detroit permanently for the better by introducing new innovative projects.

As per the initial plans, there is a strong expectation of seeing ten brand new storefronts open up along and across the promenade. Everything is going to be anchored by Detroit’s landmark Fox Theatre and Olympia’s own under construction Little Caesar World Headquarters.

Future Plans

When questioned about any future plans they might have, Olympia Development confirmed that they have a plethora of projects for Detroit and Michigan in the future. The announcement included a reveal that they had indeed started initial façade work on the Detroit Life Building. The building is just at the end of the block from the promenade. More plans are basically rumors coming from Crain, which suggest that there are several possible developments coming from Olympia. The potential new plans include a couple of new towers close to Comerica Park and a long awaited retail area at l-75. These plans have not been confirmed by Olympia as yet.

Whether Olympia Development does end up going through with all the rumored products, or if it takes it slow and steady approach, Detroit benefits. The retail promenade will add an entire new facet to the legendary city, and without a doubt all of Michigan will benefit from the development.

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