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  • Overweight Trucks May Have To Pay Up Under Proposed Michigan Law

Overweight Trucks May Have To Pay Up Under Proposed Michigan Law

Overweight Trucks May Have To Pay Up Under Proposed Michigan Law

You might have heard about the recent Michigan House bill regarding overweight trucks. Sponsored by State Rep. Robert Kosowski (D-Westland), HB5453 was passed on May 8 by the state House and could translate into big fines for overeager or negligent companies. But what does this all mean? Is this just another needless law?

Let’s get some background on the concern before we unpack HB5453. You can ask any 10th grader to tell you about their latest physics lesson for the answer. An object with greater mass in motion has more energy than an object with less mass. In other words, bigger trucks can do more damage if they get into an accident. They can also damage Michigan’s roads.

Of course, overloaded trucks are more likely to get into an accident as well since the greater weight makes it more difficult to stop or maneuver. This poses an avoidable risk to motorists throughout Michigan. This house bill aims to mitigate the risk by getting businesses to rethink over-packing their trucks.

Trucks can be overweight for a number of reasons. Companies hoping to move more material in less time can push the limits of the trucks, or shifting loads can mean that material gathers over a particular axle causing the truck to become unsafe to operate. Also, if there is not a scale handy, it’s easy to put more into a truck because it can fit without a thought given to the weight.

Ultimately, whatever the reason, the result of an overweight truck getting in an accident can be catastrophic. As Michigan truck accident attorneys, we think this law is a great idea. Consider the following statistic:

The bill will hopefully get the attention of businesses by tapping on their wallets and, in the end, make Michigan roads that much safer! However, if you’ve been in a truck accident, call on Michigan’s truck accident lawyer: The Mike Morse Law Firm.


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