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  • Mike Morse Law Firm Wins $385K Verdict for Husband, Father Hit by Uninsured Drunk Driver

Mike Morse Law Firm Wins $385K Verdict for Husband, Father Hit by Uninsured Drunk Driver

Mike Morse Law Firm Wins $385K Verdict for Husband, Father Hit by Uninsured Drunk Driver

Jury Awards Accident Victim Nearly 4x the Insurance Company’s Highest Offer

We are pleased to announce a $385,138 verdict awarded on a client’s auto accident case. The verdict is almost four times the highest settlement offered by the defendant — Homeowners Insurance company, which is owned by Auto-Owners.

Mike Morse, along with attorney Paul Wheatley, represented client Paul Hudock after he was severely injured by an uninsured drunk driver in Wayne County on April 20th, 2020. Because Hudock was on Social Security Disability at the time of the accident, multiple law firms declined his case when he sought assistance.

Hudock, a 44-year-old husband, father, and avid outdoorsman, sustained extensive shoulder and spinal injuries when an intoxicated motorist T-boned the passenger side of the van in which he was sitting. The force of the impact was such that the van’s airbags deployed and both vehicles were totaled.

Hudock’s injuries substantially hindered his quality of life and prevented him from engaging in outdoor activities he previously enjoyed with his wife and daughter. He underwent multiple treatments administered by three different medical professionals including cervical injections, a right labral repair surgery, and physical therapy.

Despite Hudock’s serious impairment of bodily function, the insurance provider only offered a $100,000 settlement under Hudock’s uninsured motorist coverage, citing pre-existing conditions. Hesitant to accept, Hudock turned to Morse and Wheatley who advised he go to trial, knowing that the extent of his injuries would result in greater compensation.

Hudock declined the offer and testified against four, paid medical experts who were unable to reach unanimous decision on the cause and severity of his injuries. Through comprehensive research of the accident details, analysis of Hudock’s medical history, consultation with his treatment specialists, and expert litigation, Morse and Wheatley were able to obtain a $385,138 verdict from the jury.

“This was a hard-fought, hard-won case,” said Morse. “But we don’t shy away from tough cases. Our client understandably rejected the insurance company’s low offer, so we took it to trial and won. We couldn’t be happier to help Paul move forward with his life and put this experience behind him.”