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Should I Apply for SSD/SSDI or SSI?

A disability that prevents you from earning a living may qualify you for either SSDI or SSI financial benefits. If you’re unsure which one to apply for, The Mike Morse Law Firm can assist you in this decision. Here’s a brief look at what the differences are, and how each one works.

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

There are three basic considerations to determine eligibility for SSD:

  1. You must have worked at jobs covered by Social Security. SSDI is a program which you pay into while employed at a covered job or when self-employed. Funds are deducted from payroll taxes (FICA) or paid to the IRS annually.
  2. Your medical condition must meet SSA guidelines for definition of a disability. If the condition is not listed as a qualifying disability, or equivalent to a listed disability, then you may not qualify for SSD. The disability should also be expected to last at least one year.
  3. You must have earned sufficient work credits prior to your disability. Work credits are earned by length of employment, up to 4 credits per year, at a minimum income that is adjusted each year. The number of work credits needed to qualify depends on your age when the disability began.

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Eligibility for SSI is needs-based, meaning there is no work history requirement to qualify. Supplemental Security Income disability benefits are available to adults or children with limited resources and income.

Medical requirements are the same under SSI as for SSDI. Your medical condition must meet SSA guidelines for the definition of disability.

Choosing the right application for benefits will depend on your work history and financial status. Based on your situation, you may be qualified and apply for both.

Before applying for benefits, call us first at The Mike Morse Law Firm. We have years of experience working with the Social Security Administration to get our clients all the help they are eligible to receive.

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