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Required Employment History for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits

To be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, you must have a qualifying disability and meet certain employment requirements. You must have worked long enough, and within a given period, to have earned the prescribed work credits for eligibility under Social Security.

How Work Credits Are Calculated for SSDI Eligibility

You can earn up to four work credits annually, based on your yearly salary. The amount of each credit, or quarter of coverage (QC), varies from year to year. For example, in 2017, one work credit was $1,300; for 2018, that amount changed to $1,320. So, if you made at least $5,200 in 2017, you earned the maximum four QCs for the year.

Your age at the time you were disabled determines how many total credits you would need to qualify for SSDI. The older you are when your disability begins, the more work credits you would need to be eligible.

For your survivors, eligibility is based on your age when you die, with a maximum of 40 credits required, or 10 years of work. One exception to this is for a surviving spouse caring for your children; in which case only 6 credits are necessary within the 3 years prior to your death in order to qualify them for SSDI survivor benefits.

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Our Social Security Disability Attorneys Will Prepare Your SSDI Claim for Maximum Benefits

Whether you have spent a lifetime working or are disabled early in your career, you want to know your financial future is secure for both you and your family. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are intended to help you cope when you are unable to earn an income.

You deserve to get what your years of hard work have earned you. The Mike Morse Law Firm will work just as hard to see that you receive all you are entitled to under SSA policy. If you’ve been disabled, give yourself the best chance to earn the most benefits with your Social Security Disability Benefits claim. Call us for a free initial consultation today.