Michigan Social Security Disability Lawyer

Preparing for Your Social Security Disability Benefits Hearing

Approximately seven out of every 10 initial Social Security Disability claims are denied. Once you have been denied SSDI benefits, you have 60 days, from the date of denial, to appeal the decision. Given the odds that your initial claim will result in a hearing, and the time limit for filing an appeal, you can see that preparation for your disability hearing is crucial to your success.

Submitting Evidence and Records For Your Hearing

All written evidence, including medical records, you intend to present at your hearing must be submitted for the judge’s review prior to your hearing. As of May 1, 2017, the deadline for submitting evidence is five business days before your hearing date. With The Mike Morse Law Firm you won’t have to worry about these details. We will prepare and submit the evidence for you, as well as a summary brief, explaining why your claim should be approved.

Once an appeal is filed, it may be months before your hearing is scheduled. By that time, the medical history that the SSA reviewed in your initial claim will be outdated. Gaps in your medical history can be grounds for denial of benefits.

You will need to obtain up-to-date medical records prior to the hearing to ensure you’ve got a full uninterrupted history of treatment for your disability. You will also need to gather any doctors’ statements which support your claim. Again, these are details that we will handle for you, keeping you informed of the progress of your case.

Legal Representation at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Many SSDI claimants who are denied disability benefits never follow up with an appeal, or fail to adequately prepare their case for subsequent approval. At The Mike Morse Law Firm, we know the questions you will be asked, and how to prepare for a successful outcome at your hearing.

Our Michigan Disability Benefits Lawyers Can Help

We will stand by your side throughout the Social Security Disability claims process. Let us put our Social Security Disability claims experience to work for you. Contact us.