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  • Mike Morse Law Firm Lands Victory for Hardworking Dad Injured in Car Crash

Mike Morse Law Firm Lands Victory for Hardworking Dad Injured in Car Crash

Mike Morse Law Firm Lands Victory for Hardworking Dad Injured in Car Crash
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In our latest win, a Wayne County jury ordered Allstate Insurance to pay $75,000 plus sanctions, which puts the verdict well over $100,000 for our client who was injured by a negligent driver.

Roderick Stevenson was a healthy, young father, but that all changed in an instant January 21, 2015 when the car he was driving on Mack Road in Detroit was t-boned by another driver. The crash caused serious, chronic spine and neck pain. As a result of his injuries, Rodrick could not return to work, hobbies or providing for his family as he did before the crash.

The at-fault driver was insured by Allstate Insurance Company which not only rejected two independent case evaluators’ recommendations, they also pulled their offer just before trial and offered ZERO dollars to compensate Mr. Stevenson for his pain, suffering and costly medical bills.

Our attorneys Maureen Heilmann and Juliana Sabatini took the case to trial, fought hard for Mr. Stevenson, and won. After a short deliberation, the Wayne County jury unanimously awarded our client $75,000 plus costs, sanctions and attorney fees for rejecting the settlement recommendations prior to trial.

“We are proud that our civil justice system worked, and that this jury delivered justice to Roderick,” said Juliana Sabatini, co-counsel on the case. “He has waited more than two years for his day in court.”

I sat in the courtroom for trial and our attorneys were absolutely stellar. Our client had a serious, life changing injury case in accordance with the threshold set out in the Michigan No Fault Act. It’s unbelievable the lengths an insurer will go to simply avoid paying what they are responsible for. Allstate and their attorneys should know better.

“I feel like a million bucks today,” said Roderick. “Having Mike [at the trial] made me feel humbled and really special. His participation spoke to the importance of my case and how the injuries changed my life. I think the jury saw that, too and the verdict reflects that. This win will make a huge difference for me and my family.”

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