1. Mike Morse Law Firm Devotes 100% of our Practice to Representing Victims Who Are Injured.

We do one thing and one thing well—represent the injured. And Mike Morse has been doing it since 1992. Our firm is filled with attorneys, paralegals and investigators who are experts in personal injury law. associates, highly trained paralegals, and investigators who are experts in personal injury law. We’ve been keeping abreast of specific laws through continuing education and research for almost 30 years. We don’t expect to help you with a bankruptcy, divorce, or criminal case because we understand that those fields are filled with nuances that only an expert would know. We have only one mission—to protect the people in the state of Michigan that are injured and harmed. We only handle cases involving Michigan auto accidents, Michigan truck accidents, Michigan motorcycle accidents, and Michigan bicycle and pedestrian accidents. From your first phone call to our office, 855-Mike-Wins, to the final signature on your check, we’ll protect you every step of the way.

2. When You Hire Mike Morse Law Firm, You Get The Experience of Over 150 Legal Professionals Who Are Trained To Fight The Big Insurance Companies, On Your Behalf, To Get You The Maximum Settlement Allowed By Law

You’re hiring a team of expert legal professionals, tireless researchers and
more than 40 of the top accident attorneys in Michigan who only practice
personal injury law. Unlike sole practitioners with one or two assistants, our attorneys have three or four people assisting with each case. We keep our caseloads low so that you will get the best kind of representation. We have heard from a handful of clients that they only want to deal with one person when being represented by our firm. We think that is a mistake. The reason we work on teams is so calls can be returned quickly and questions about your Michigan injury case can be answered right away. With small firms, when an attorney is in trial or on vacation, calls can take days or weeks to get returned. We have a policy to return all calls within 24 hours, and most are returned within hours. Mike Morse Law Firm is the biggest and most successful injury firm in Michigan. We are big enough to give your case immediate attention. We know that people get impatient with attorneys for not paying enough attention to their case. Our firm’s goal is to provide the best and most engaged representation in Michigan.

3. We Are An Established Firm And Are In No Hurry To Settle.

Mike Morse Law Firm is large enough that we can afford to wait to get you the maximum settlement allowed by Michigan law. Running a law firm is expensive. Smaller firms have a hard time putting out money for the right experts that a case requires. Not us. We will hire as many experts as the case requires. And, we won’t push you to settle until we know we have gotten the highest offer possible for your injuries. We have heard lots of stories of small law firms settling their client’s cases cheap so they can pay the bills. The smaller firms may not have the money to take a case to trial or hold out for more money. We’ve got the money and the patience to wait for the right moment to settle. This is just another advantage of having Michigan’s largest personal injury firm in your corner.

4. We Have A Reputation With The Big Insurance Companies.

Insurance companies know our firm and know that we mean business. They have come up against us thousands of times, not just a few. They know we will take a case to trial. They know when we put something in writing that it is truthful and well researched. They understand we are not going to take their low ball offers. Smaller firms can be pushed around and forced to settle. Not the Mike Morse Law Firm.

5. We Are A Local Personal Injury Law Firm.

Mike Morse Law Firm was established in 1995, and Mike Morse has been an attorney since 1992. Our team of 40 plus top-rated auto accident lawyers are all licensed in the State of Michigan as well as other States around our great nation. We are members of the Michigan Bar and are involved in many organizations and charities in Michigan. We help people at the local, state , and national levels. If you have been injured, we will help put your life back together. Mike Morse was born in Detroit and has lived in metro Detroit for his entire life. He has three daughters in Michigan and has no plans to expand his firm to other states. “I love Michigan and despite a push to go for a national practice, I am staying put and helping people involved in Michigan accidents only”. If you or a loved one needs help, call us at 855-Mike-Wins or email Mike personally at mike@855mikewins.com.