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Michigan Truck Accident Questions

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What are the Time Limits to File a Michigan Truck Accident Claim?

Michigan law allows a specified amount of time in which you may file a claim for a truck accident. The circumstances of the accident in question dictate just how much time is allowed. If you think a claim is warranted, you should contact a Michigan accident attorney right away. Learn more about the time limits to file a Michigan truck accident claim.

What if I was Uninsured At The Time Of the Truck Accident?

Motor vehicle insurance coverage is intended to protect you as well as any others who may be involved in a vehicle-related accident. In the state of Michigan, uninsured motorists have certain restrictions due to their lack of insurance coverage. Find out more about being uninsured in a Michigan truck accident.

What if I was at Fault in a Michigan Truck Accident?

Determining who was at fault in a truck accident can be complicated. Many factors can contribute to an accident. If you were at least partially at fault for the accident, this affects any claim you may wish to make. The amount of your personal responsibility can make a difference. Discover more about being at fault in a Michigan truck accident.

Will My Vehicle Be Paid For After The Michigan Truck Accident?

Truck accidents typically result in great amount of vehicle damage. If you were involved in such an accident, you will want your vehicle to be repaired or replaced. Whether or not this happens, and how this happens, depends on your insurance coverage. Learn more about when and how your vehicle damage will be repaired after a truck accident.

We Can Help After A Michigan Truck Accident

When a Michigan semi-truck, tractor-trailer, big rig, eighteen wheeler or just a regular truck accident leaves you seriously injured, impaired, or hurt, you need Michigan truck accident lawyer Mike Morse to help you through this confusing and difficult process.  Call for your free consultation today at 855-MIKE-WINS or email us.