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The Negligent Truck Driver’s Insurance Company

To help commercial truck accident victims receive adequate compensation, federal law specifies that commercial vehicles traveling across state lines must have at least $750,000 of insurance for bodily injury and property damage. Many states also enforce their own minimum insurance requirements to safeguard individuals from vehicles that federal regulations fail to address.

Making A Truck Accident Claim Against A Truck Operator’s Insurance Company

Making a truck accident claim against a truck operator’s insurance company is not easy. One of the first challenges is discovering who is at fault. It cannot be assumed that the truck driver is solely responsible. Commercial truck drivers don’t always own the vehicle they drive. The truck may not even be owned by the company he works for. It could be leased by a third party. Perhaps there was a defect with truck equipment that caused the accident. If so, did the problem originate in manufacturing or as a result of deficient maintenance? In some cases, it may make sense to sue the company whose goods (such as hazardous materials) were being transported by the truck.

When you are seeking damages for the loss of a loved one, it must first be proved that someone or some entity is at fault and then it must be proved that the death of that loved one will result in a monetary loss.

Because insurance policies for commercial truck drivers are so large, they come with equally ardent representation. Most trucking companies are adept in dealing with legal pressure, and many have employees dedicated to dealing with trucking accidents, arriving on the scene at moment’s notice, to survey the damage and scan the situation for potential evidence against them.

Whether you were involved in a bus accident, hit by a tanker truck, or were injured by a crash with a construction vehicle, you need expert advice, as quickly as possible, to make a successful case against an experienced, well-informed trucking company. Mike Morse Law Firm can help you identify and preserve important evidence. Help is only a phone call away. Call the Mike Morse Law Firm today to work with our highly capable team to protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve for the property damage, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and/or lost wages that resulted from your Michigan truck accident.

Our Accident Lawyers Can Help With Your Truck Accident

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