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Have You Been Involved In A Michigan Truck Accident?

Mike Morse is an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer with an extensive understanding of personal injury lawsuits. Our Michigan accident attorneys know the law regarding Michigan tractor-trailer accidents and semi-truck accidents and make sure Michigan truck accident victims get the compensation they deserve.

“Every week in America, more than 100 people lose their lives, and hundreds more are mangled, in highway accidents involving trucks.”

Do You Have A Michigan Truck Accident Case?
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Have you been injured in an accident with a truck? Are you living with pain and suffering as a result of a semi-truck driver’s negligent driving? Were you involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer? You are not alone.

Federal and Michigan state laws attempt to reduce the number of semi-truck collisions that occur each year. The legislature mandates the number of hours tractor-trailer truck drivers may operate big rigs in one day, and also how much a semi-truck driver may drive in one week. Also, eighteen wheeler drivers must follow certain speed limits on the highway, and can only pass other vehicles at a particular speed. If the truck is carrying materials between two states, federal law mandates that the company must have at least $750,000 in liability insurance. Although federal and state statutes regulate truck driving, accidents involving trucks still occur.

Recovery Of Damages For Michigan Truck Accident Injuries

You may be entitled to recover from more than just the negligent tractor-trailer truck driver causing the collision. The trucking company may be vicariously liable for the actions of the tractor-trailer truck driver through the legal concept of respondeat superior. Further, if the truck is leased, the lessee may be liable. A negligent design of the injury-causing tractor-trailer truck will result in a products liability case against the semi-truck manufacturer. “>Michigan truck accident lawyer Mike Morse will maximize your recovery for the injuries you sustain in a Michigan truck accident.

Negligence Can Result In Michigan Truck Accidents
If Negligence Plays a Role in a Truck Accident Contact Our Lawyers To Fight Back

If a Michigan trucking company fails to follow the federal and state regulations, the consequences can be deadly. Trucking companies often face tight timelines and strict demands of customers to deliver cargo. Tractor-trailer truck drivers often will rush to make deliveries, disregarding the traffic laws pertaining to Michigan big rigs. The truck driver’s negligence causes crashes and jackknifed semi-trucks, leaving auto-accident victims with serious bodily injuries. Worse yet, some collisions with Michigan tractor-trailer trucks result in death. Attorney Mike Morse will file a lawsuit to get you compensation for personal injuries or wrongful death resulting from a Michigan trucking accident.

Causes Of Michigan Truck Accidents
Why You Should Contact Our Truck Accident Lawyers If You Ever Are In A Truck Accident

Just like other accidents, Michigan tractor-trailer trucking collisions may be caused by careless big rig driving, defective or improperly repaired tractor-trailer equipment, hazardous road conditions, spilled cargo loads, intoxicated semi truck drivers and even truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel of 80,000 pound trucks. By sheer size comparison, a crash with a truck, be it with another truck, car, or pedestrian is more likely to cause serious lasting injuries than a normal “car on car” accident. Michigan tractor trailer trucking accidents result in more deaths than others. With such serious consequences, victims of Michigan trucking accidents can file a lawsuit and may recover for pain an suffering, wrongful death, personal injury, and economic losses caused by the accident.

Attorney Mike Morse will ensure that you are compensated for the pain and injuries suffered in your Michigan semi-truck accident or tractor-trailer accident. Mike Morse is experienced in getting compensation for victims injured in trucking accidents, and will handle your case from the initial consultation through trial or settlement.

Michigan Truck Accident Help

When a Michigan semi-truck, tractor-trailer, big rig, eighteen wheeler or just a regular truck accident leaves you seriously injured, impaired, or hurt, you need Michigan accident lawyer Mike Morse to help you through this confusing and difficult process. Call for your free consultation today at 855-MIKE-WINS or email

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