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Michigan Accident Lawyer | Michigan Pothole Accident

Michigan Pothole Accident Auto Insurance Claims

Everyone must have auto insurance to drive in Michigan. Collision coverage is not mandatory. If you are injured personally or if your property is damaged by a Michigan pothole, you can make an insurance claim with your own company if you have collision coverage on your vehicle. You can also make a no-fault/PIP claim against your own insurance company for lost wages, household services, mileage, medical bills, and much more.

Damage to your vehicle after a Michigan Pothole Accident

Depending on the type of collision coverage you purchased will determine if you need to pay a deductible. Most deductibles are $500.00. According to AAA, the average property damage claim when dealing with a pothole is $638.00. Therefore, if you must pay your deductible, you would only get $138.00 from your insurance company, and your rates will go up as Michigan pothole accidents are considered to be the fault of the driver hitting the pothole. If you still wish to make a claim, you should photograph the damage to your vehicle, photograph the pothole and keep any parts that may have fallen off your car in the incident.

Michigan Pothole Accident? We Can Help

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