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Michigan Bicycle Crash Statistics

According to Michigan State Police data currently available, there were 1,546 reported accidents involving bicycles in 2018. Of these reported accidents, there were 1,233 reported injuries (79%) and 23 fatalities.  The overwhelming majority of these accidents happened on local streets (1,064).  While the greatest number of the injuries involved bicyclist aged 16 to 20, a large number of the injuries were suffered by people in every age range from age 11 to age 64.  The available statistics show that this represents a decrease from 2017, when there were a total of 1,712 bicycle accidents with 1,390 injuries and 21 fatalities. 

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Michigan

A large number of bicycle accidents involve motor vehicles.  More often than not, bicyclists are not at fault in bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles.  However, the operators of cars and trucks often try to blame bicyclists, rather than accepting responsibility for their actions.  Some of the most common causes of bicycle accident involving motor vehicles include: 

  • The motor vehicle cuts off the bicycle while making a turn
  • The motor vehicle cuts off the bicycle while entering a roadway
  • The motor vehicle ignores the right of way of a bicycle at an intersection
  • The occupant of a parked car opens their door in the path of a bicycle

Legal Responsibility in Bicycle Accidents

If the bicycle accident involved a car or truck, Michigan No-Fault Insurance Benefits are available to the injured bicyclist.  This includes medical expenses, wage loss, and household replacement services.  When the bicycle accident arises out of the use of a car or truck, Michigan No-Fault Benefits are available even if you are solely at fault for the accident.  No-Fault benefits may even be available when there is no physical contact between the bicycle and the car or truck.  

If the operator of a car or truck was at fault for the bicycle accident, the bicyclist can make claims against the operator and owner of the car or truck and their insurance companies. 

If the bicycle was defectively designed or manufactured, the bicyclist can make a claim against the manufacturer. 

If the bicycle was negligently repaired, the bicyclist can make a claim against the repair shop. 

If the bicyclist was injured due to a poorly maintained roadway, the bicyclist can make a claim against the government agencies responsible for maintaining the road. 

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What You Need to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Be Safe – If you are able, get yourself away from danger by moving off to the side of the road or bike path.   If you are able, also move your bicycle off to the side of the road or bike path for the safety of other. 

Call 911, even if you don’t think you are badly injured.  Many long-lasting a debilitating injuries can be masked by the rush of adrenaline that occurs after an accident. What appears to be minor scrapes, bruises or soreness, can be much worse than initially thought.  

Exchange information with the other person BEFORE police arrive.  Do not wait for the police to obtain the other person’s identifying information.  Unfortunately, people sometimes leave the scene before police arrive. Get their name, contact, address, driver’s license, and insurance information.  Also record their vehicle make, model, color, and license plate.  If you have a camera, take pictures of the car, including the license plate and any damage to the vehicle.  

When talking to the other person

  • Be respectful.  Do not react with anger, even though you may be just that.  Do not apologize or say things that could be considered an admission of fault if you didn’t do anything wrong; leave your description of what happened for the police.  
  • Avoid saying things that may come natural in the moment to seem kind, like “I’m ok” or “I’m sure I’ll be fine.” If you are hurt, comments like these can haunt you later.  
  • Do not negotiate a settlement.  Do not accept an offer to pay for damage to your bicycle, or any other settlement.  

Talk to the Police

Talk to the police at the scene.  Make sure they hear how the accident occurred from you.  If you are too injured to be able to talk to the police, call the police from the hospital when you have been found be medically stable. Get the name and badge number of the officer(s) you speak to, as well as the police report number.  

Collect and Preserve Evidence. 

  • Take photographs and/or video of the car, the bike and the scene.  If there was a problem with the road (pot-hole, etc.) take pictures of the road defect. 
  • Retain your bike, bike helmet and any torn clothing, without fixing or cleaning them. 
  • Go to the hospital or doctor for your health, but this is also important evidence as well.  
  • Keep your records.  Make sure your digital photos are saved in more than one place.  Keep receipts from payments for medical care as well as any records from any health insurer paying for medical treatment. If your injuries have interfered with your usual hobbies and activities, keep any records you have of doing those activities before the accident.  For example, if you were in a bowling league, retain the records of you and your team from the ally before the accident.  If you garden, have pictures of your garden taken.  If you were an artist, keep your art and take pictures of your creations.  
  • If your accident was caused by a defect in the bicycle, keep the receipts from the bicycle purchase as well as any records of repairs to the bicycle. 

Do not talk to the other person’s insurance company or lawyers.  If the other person’s insurance company or lawyers contact you before you retain an attorney, do not talk to them and never accept an offer to settle your claim before you retain an attorney.  Once you retain an attorney, the other person’s insurance company or lawyers should never contact you.  If they do, don’t talk to them and let your attorney know immediately that they tried to contact you.  
Retain an experienced bicycle attorney. Under certain circumstances, the law requires notice to be served in very specific ways within very short time frames. So, hire an experienced bicycle attorney right away to make sure your do not lose your rights. Bicycle liability is very specialized. Do not retain an attorney without the specialization and expertise in this area of law, even if it is someone you may know personally.  Then let your attorney handle everything about your claim for you.  This will maximize your recovery and give you the opportunity to focus on recovering from your injuries.

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