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Michigan No Fault Benefits For Replacement Services

What Are Michigan No Fault Replacement Services Benefits?

Replacement services are “ordinary and necessary” services that a person must hire someone else to do because they can no longer do the job themselves. In most cases family members of the injured party provide replacement services.

Qualifying For Michigan No Fault Replacement Services Benefits

To qualify, Michigan accident victims must demonstrate proof of disability. This is provided in the form of a physician-issued replacement service disability certificate. A household services statement must also be submitted to identify the tasks now being performed by someone else.

Michigan No Fault Replacement Services Benefit Amounts

Paid by the no fault insurance provider, an automobile accident victim may obtain up to $20.00 per day in household replacement services. (The amount of this compensation has not increased since 1973.) Typical household replacement services include cleaning, laundry, snow removal, lawn mowing and yard work, babysitting, grocery shopping, running errands, preparing meals, home repairs, car repairs, or anything around the home that the injured person used to do, but can no longer do because of the accident. This benefit is paid during the first three years after the date of the accident.

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