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Michigan No Fault Benefits For Lost Wages

What Are Michigan No Fault Benefits For Wage Loss?

In the state of Michigan, if you are hurt in an automobile accident and unable to work, you may qualify to receive benefits to help compensate for your lost wages. Michigan no fault wage-loss benefits do not include potential earning capacity or fringe benefits such as those that may be received from anticipated raise premiums, a 401K, or health insurance benefits, for example.

Michigan No Fault Wage Loss Benefit Amounts

Qualifying wage-loss benefits are payable to an injured person for three years following an accident, covering 85% of the gross lost wages. In accordance with the policies of Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP), the maximum allowable monthly benefit is raised October 1st of each year.

Qualifying For Michigan No Fault Wage Loss Benefits

A doctor’s disability slip and proof that you were earning a wage are required. If you were receiving cash as payment during your employment at the time of your Michigan automobile accident, or perhaps didn’t otherwise file an income tax form, you may still qualify for the No Fault Lost Wages benefit. Even if you were looking for work or were “temporarily unemployed” at the time of an accident, you will still be able to receive benefits. If your earnings exceed the statutory maximum, then additional wages lost can often be collected from the negligent driver’s automobile insurer by making an excess wage loss claim.

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